Analysis & Commentary

Colombia Must Take Concrete Actions for Greater Inclusion and Protection of Minortity Population

In a Letter to Colombia's Vice Minister for Participation and Equality of Rights, WOLA Calls for Action

Five Ways the U.S. Could Encourage Colombia to Work for a Lasting Peace

Ahead of a series of high-level talks between United States and Colombia, WOLA has five suggested messages that the U.S. should communicate to Colombian officials.

How to Get Colombia's Peace Process Back on Track

Senior Associate Adam Isacson offers his take on how to move Colombia's peace process forward following a FARC attack that killed 11 and damaged public faith in the rebels' goodwill.

Latest Border Stats Suggest Higher Family, Child Migration in 2015 than Official Projections

Numbers are down, but record arrivals continue. And Mexico’s crackdown is cause for concern
While migration has slowed somewhat since the 2014 peak, the latest border statistics suggest more unaccompanied minors will be apprehended in the United States this year  than authorities are projecting.

Strengthening Multilateral Defense of Human Rights in the Americas

At this year's Summit of the Americas, member countries should work for a resolution to the political crisis in Venezuela alongside an end to U.S. sanctions on the country.

State Department to Recommend Cuba’s Removal from ‘State Sponsors of Terror’ List

At Historic Summit, Obama Administration Could Break with Outdated Cold War Legacy
Cuba's pending removal from the list is both a necessary step towards opening a U.S. embassy in Havana as well as President Obama’s deeper process of updating U.S. policy towards Cuba for the 21st century.

Mexican Government Releases New Figures Showing Sharp Increase in Deportations

Mexico deported 3,289 minors in January and February of this year, a 105 percent increase from January and February of 2014, when the government deported 1,605 children.

The UN Analyzes the Human Rights Impact of Drug Policies Ahead of Global Summit

The involvement of the UN Human Rights Council in the UN General Assembly Special Session (UNGASS) in 2016 is a major achievement.