Analysis & Commentary

Cuba’s New Cooperatives

What do They Mean for Productivity and Worker Rights?
The Cuban government recognizes that it needs to shrink its inefficient and bloated state sector, but it is wary of the private sector; cooperatives are seen as a potential compromise solution.

NGOs Deplore Violence Against Colombian Protesters

U.S., Colombian Authorities Must take Action After Four are Killed in Catatumbo, Colombia
U.S. organizations express concern over the violent response of the Colombian armed forces to peasant protests in Catatumbo. Four civilians have been killed, allegedly at the hands of public security forces.

Expanding the Number of Rescue Beacons at the Border Could Help Save Migrants in Distress

Maureen Meyer examines the lack of emphasis on migrant deaths in the Senate's immigration bill and the difference that more rescue beacons could make.

Seven Bad Things That Will Happen After a “Border Surge”

Instead of seeking to re-create the Berlin Wall experience along a 1,969-mile border, a “border surge” would do better to focus its resources elsewhere.

What is the Real Cost of an Additional 20,000 Border Patrol Agents?

In the latest Border Fact Check, Senior Associates Maureen Meyer and Adam Isacson discuss the costly repercussions of the Corker-Hoeven amendment's proposal to increase the number of agents by 20,000.

U.S. Organizations Call for an End to Threats, Attacks, and Murders of Afro-Colombians

In this statement, US human rights, labor, and faith-based organizations call for an end to the violence against Afro-Colombians.

Drug Policy and Human Rights Groups Unite in Support of Drug Policy Reform at the OAS

WOLA Senior Fellow Coletta Youngers examines the role of civil society in this year's OAS General Assembly.

Latin American Leaders Chart Course for Drug Policy Debate

This year's OAS General Assembly marked a milestone in the drug policy debate. It was the first time member states came together for the sole purpose of addressing drug policy and charted a path forward to continue the discussion.