Analysis & Commentary

Latin American Leaders Bring Drug Policy Debate to the United Nations

Latin American leaders called for meaningful drug policy reform at this year's United Nations General Assembly in New York.

Is the Cuban Government Being More Tolerant of Internal Critics?

Cubans have long been careful about what they say and where they say it. However, recent events suggest that Cubans might feel freer to speak out than they have in the past.

What President Obama can do about Gun Violence

The tragedy at the Navy Yard underscores yet again that we all have to do everything we can to prevent guns from falling into the wrong hands. Enforcing the import ban is one more thing that President Obama can do.

Why Mexico should Reform its Military Code of Justice

Passing a comprehensive reform to the Military Code of Justice send a strong message to the members of Mexico’s armed forces that they are not immune to prosecution

After Hurricanes, Indigenous Communities in Guerrero State, Mexico are Particularly Vulnerable

WOLA joins Tlachinollan in calling for federal, state, and local authorities to respond to the immediate needs of communities in the La Montaña region of Mexico in a coordinated and transparent manner, and to plan for addressing the medium-term necessities that have resulted from the storm, especially the food security and housing.

Tragic Train Accident in Mexico Underscores Dangers Faced by Migrants

This tragic train accident underscores the vulnerability of Central American migrants in transit and the urgent need for the Mexican government to do more to protect them.

Unsafe Deportations put Migrants in Unneccessary Danger

In a recent article published by "The American Prospect," WOLA Communications Director Kristel Mucino explains how current U.S. deportation practices are endangering the lives of migrants, putting them at unnecessary risk of kidnapping, extortion, and even murder.

Colonel Montano of El Salvador Sentenced to 21 Months in Prison

Today’s decision by a Boston court sentenced Colonel Montano to 21 months in prison, and will likely impact whether Spanish authorities move ahead in the prosecution of nineteen Salvadoran military officers accused of having participated in the decision to murder six Jesuit priests in 1989.