Analysis & Commentary

Scores of Colombian Miners Trapped after Mine Collapse

Collapse the Result of Inadequate Government Regulation
The Afro-Colombian Solidarity Network reports a new tragedy resulting on the lack of effective control of the illegal large-scale mining in ancestral Afro-Colombian territories.

WOLA Calls Attention to Human Rights Violations against Afro-Colombian Groups

Letter to Colombian Official Calls for Concrete Action
In a letter to Óscar Gamboa, Director of the Programa Presidencial para la Población Afrocolombiana, WOLA gives an overview of continued violations and asks for concrete action to protect vulnerable groups.

Statement on the Humanitarian Crisis in Buenaventura

WOLA stands with the residents of Buenaventura, Colombia's largest pacific port, in commemorating the brutal massacre of 12 young men nine years ago.

The Future of U.S.-Cuba Policy: New Actors and Approaches

The launch of a new 501(c)4 organization, #CubaNow, underscores the degree to which the political debate around Cuba has changed and the abundance of political space that the Obama administration currently has to make further changes to its policy toward Cuba.

Kaine Statement on the Murder of Carlos Mejia Orellana in Honduras

U.S. Senator Tim Kaine issued a statement on the murder of Carlos Mejia Orellana, marketing director for Radio Progreso in Honduras. He calls on Honduran police to take immediate steps to protect Mr. Mejia's colleagues at Radio Progreso and ERIC.

Statement by Reps. McGovern, Farr, and Schakowsky on the Murder in Honduras of Carlos Mejia Orellana

Reps. McGovern, Farr, and Schakowsky express their condolences to the family and friends of Carlos Mejia Orellana, the marketing director of Radio Progreso who was murdered last week in Honduras.

Presentation on Land Restitution, Displacement, and WOLA's Visit to the Choco

WOLA Senior Associate offers a panorama of the dire situation facing Afro-Colombian and indigenous communities along Colombia's Pacific Coast.

Major Colombian Union Suffers Bombing

Colombian Government must Investigate
The headquarters of SINTRAEMCALI were attacked on April 16; the Colombian government must investigate.