Analysis & Commentary

A Refreshing Change in Rhetoric: President Obama Proposes “Updating” Cuba Policy

As innocuous and reasonable as they may sound to the casual observer, the President's words represent a significant break from the harsh Cold War rhetoric that has dominated U.S.-Cuba policy for decades.

Promoting Peace, Labor Rights, and Social Inclusion in Colombia

WOLA November Colombia Update
Over the past several months, WOLA has worked with policymakers in DC and grassroots organizations in Colombia to ensure U.S. and Colombian laws protect human rights and promote social justice.

Twelve Members of Congress Call on Colombia to Respect Land Rights

Letter Expresses Concern over Paramilitary Activity Amid Land Restitution in Curavaradó River Basin
The land restitution process in Curvaradó is a bellwether for peace in Colombia; its failure must be averted, according to a Congressional letter.

Rep. Ellison to Colombian Labor Minister: Where is the Progress on Illegal Subcontracting?

In a letter to Rafael Pardo, the Colombian Minister of Labor, U.S. Congressman Keith Ellison expresses his concern over labor rights violations in Colombia.

What does it mean to have a human rights-oriented drug policy?

The war on drugs has failed; what are the alternative policies that can take its place?

Bolivia is not a Narco-state

While it continues to struggle with drug trafficking, Bolivia has made large steps reducing coca cultivation and cocaine production in recent years.

U.S. Government Should Recognize That Cuba is Not a State Sponsor of Terrorism

Cuba Helps Release U.S. Hostage in Colombia
The U.S. government, which keeps Cuba on a list of alleged State Sponsors of Terrorism, has thanked Cuba for its assistance in securing the release of a U.S. citizen in Colombia.

Slow justice for Peru's disappeared

In an unprecedented move, an active duty general was found guilty of the enforced disappearance of a school principal.