Analysis & Commentary

Protests in Brazil: Digging Beneath the Surface

Brazil’s recent country-wide demonstrations protesting a broad range of political and social conditions are interesting for reasons that go well beyond the specific issues raised by the protesters.

Progress and Pitfalls in Colombia’s Sugar Fields

Labor Rights Remain a Dream Unrealized for Colombia’s Workers
While a recent court case is encouraging, the vast majority of Colombia's workers continue to see their rights trampled.

Drug Policy Organizations Express Support for Uruguayan Reform Initiative

New Legislation Would Permit a Legal, Regulated Marijuana Market
Members organizations of the International Drug Policy Consortium (IDPC), including WOLA, and other drug policy organizations, express their support for Uruguay's efforts to create a legal, regulated marijuana market.

Is a “surge” in National Guard troops an effective way to secure the border?

During a recent hearing on border security, Rep. Palazzo of Mississippi floated the idea of deploying members of the National Guard to secure the border. But have these types of “surges” along the border been successful?

The Drug Policy Debate in Latin America

In this article, WOLA Senior Fellow Coletta A. Youngers outlines the changing landscape of the drug policy debate in Latin America

Colombia Peace Process Update (July 16, 2013)

A progress report on the dialogues
A progress report on the dialogues taking place in Havana between Colombia's government and the FARC guerrillas. Main issues: a historic land agreement, a crisis with Venezuela, slow-moving talks on political participation, protests in Catatumbo, a possible FARC-ELN partnership.

Fully Enforce the Ban on Imported Assault Weapons

The Obama administration has the power to stop importers and manufacturers from getting around the ban. It can issue a new ruling that closes the many loopholes in the current ban. It just needs the political will and the courage to do so. This would make a difference in the United States and in Mexico.

One Year after Enrique Peña Nieto’s Election

Has there been a significant shift in Mexico’s security strategy?
In this Q & A, WOLA’s Senior Associate for Mexico and Central America Maureen Meyer addresses key questions about Mexico's security, drug-related violence, human rights, and security cooperation with the United States.