Analysis & Commentary

WOLA Joins Group Lawsuit Against NSA's Surveillance Techniques

NSA's surveillance inhibits civil society and contributes to a broader environment of self-censorship
WOLA is proud to join with other organizations in condemning the National Security Agency’s (NSA) use of data collection techniques which inhibit civil society and contribute to an environment of self-censorship.

Group of Technical Experts Arrive in Mexico to Investigate Case of Disappeared Students

Experts' Recommendations Could Lead to Broader Changes in the Country
The Group is tasked with reviewing and investigating the Ayotzinapa case, but its work could have broader implications for changing how Mexico handles other cases of disappearances.

UNASUR Mission to Venezuela Must Call for Respect for Human Rights, Promote Dialogue

Letter from 33 regional organizations outlines recommendations for UNASUR mission and work plan
In a letter to the foreign ministers of Colombia, Brazil, and Ecuador, WOLA joins with 32 other NGOs in calling on the upcoming UNASUR delegation to promote inclusive dialogue and call for the respect of human rights.

US Activists Urge Colombia to Protect Defenders, Unionists and Victims

In a letter directed at the newly appointed director of the National Protection Unit (​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​UNP), civil society groups urge Colombia to protect human rights defenders, union organizers and victims.

WOLA Statement on Vice President Joe Biden's Central America Visit

Finding Partners in the Fight Against Corruption and Organized Crime
Biden’s visit to Guatemala comes at a time when the country is debating the future of one of the most important mechanisms fighting corruption and organized crime there, and its renewal would demonstrate a strong commitment to ending impunity.

Deteriorating Security Situation for Unionists in Valle del Cauca

U.S. and Colombian officials must take action in the wake of continued threats and attacks against human and labor rights defenders in Colombia.

Letter to The New York Times Editor: Aid to Central America

In a letter to the editor published in the New York Times, WOLA Senior Associate Adriana Beltrán stresses the importance of channeling U.S. aid to those governments and institutions firmly committed to promoting violence prevention, economic opportunity and genuine, long-term reform.

What Does the New U.S. Special Envoy Mean for Colombia's Peace Process?

WOLA Senior Associate for Regional Security Policy Adam Isacson weighs in on the political implications of the U.S. government's new special envoy for the Colombian peace process, Bernie Aronson.