Analysis & Commentary

Three Myths about Central American Migration to the United States

WOLA and the Jesuit Conference created a joint fact sheet that separates myth from reality in a confusing situation on the border.

Challenges for El Salvador’s New Administration

Salvador Sánchez Cerén will have to confront significant criminal, economic, and political difficulties as he takes office as President of El Salvador. The U.S. and international community should play a supportive role as the new administration addresses these serious problems.

Will the U.S. let Colombia End Its Civil War?

After half a century, Colombia may put an end to its conflict—if the U.S. will allow it.
With a new agreement on drug policy, Colombian government and FARC negotiators appear closer than ever to a peace accord. But will the U.S. allow it?

Mexico at Peace

An Incomplete Approach
In this report, researchers analyze the efficacy of Mexico's new program to address violence.

Members of Congress Encourage Dialogue with Venezuela

On May 27, 2014, 14 Members of Congress signed a letter saying they oppose sanctions against Venezuela and encourage dialogue with the country.

May Afro-Colombian Update

In Letter to Policymakers, WOLA Highlights Continued Abuses
Despite the promise of a peace accord, the current situation for Afro-Colombians remains dire, as WOLA outlines in a May 2014 letter to policymakers.

May Colombia Labor Rights Update

In an letter to policymakers, WOLA offers an update on the labor rights situation in Colombia

Sending In The Military: Not a Long-Term Solution to Mexico's Security Problems

Recent developments in Mexico highlight the ongoing security crisis in swaths of the country and suggest a repetition of past strategies.