Analysis & Commentary

Forgotten on 'La Frontera': Mexican Children Fleeing Violence Are Rarely Heard

This investigative report highlights the stories of Mexican child migrants who flee to the U.S. and their treatment by U.S. and Mexican authorities. WOLA finds that the U.S. law to protect vulnerable Mexican children often fails in practice, and Mexican authorities are not doing enough to adequately protect these at-risk youths.

How the U.S. and Mexican Governments Can Better Protect Unaccompanied Mexican Children Fleeing Violence

The current system to screen and protect Mexican children fleeing violence often fails in practice. WOLA outlines recommendations to improve screening procedures and better protect vulnerable children.

A Bilateral Cease-Fire in Colombia: What Must Be Negotiated?

Senior Associate Adam Isacson offers his take on Colombian President Juan Manuel Santos' changed stance on a bilateral ceasefire with the FARC.

9 Key Questions about New Cuba Regulations

What Do They Mean for Trade, Travel, Americans, and Cubans?
On January 15, 2015, the Obama administration released sweeping regulations to implement its new Cuba policy. This list covers the most significant measures and offers insight on how these regulations will make a difference for U.S. travelers to Cuba and the Cuban people.

Afro-Colombian Activists Facing Increased Threats

U.S. and Colombian Governments Must Improve Protection for the Victims and Sanction Perpetrators
A recent wave of threats against Colombian human rights defenders underscores the need for immediate action.

Advocating for Drug Policy Reform at the United Nations

Learn more about what kind of drug policy reform WOLA is advocating for at the UNGASS in 2016

Mexican President Enrique Peña Nieto's Visit

President Obama Should Stand Up for Human Rights
In recent months, President Obama has shown tremendous leadership and courage, taking bold action on both immigration policy and U.S.-Cuba relations. He should approach his meeting with President Peña Nieto in the same spirit.

The View from Havana: WOLA Was on the Ground When History Happened

Members of WOLA's Cuba program staff were in Cuba when the news broke about the release of Alan Gross and President Obama's announcement. Program Director Geoff Thale shares his on-the-ground perspective of how the news was received in Cuba.