Analysis & Commentary

Time for a New Approach to the Case of Alan Gross

Recommendations for the Administration on the Fourth Anniversary of Gross’s Arrest
The administration’s annual calls to Cuban authorities to free Mr. Gross unconditionally have not worked.

Obama-Santos Meeting Should Highlight Human, Labor Rights Issues in Colombia

Human Rights Groups Call on White House to Pressure Colombian President on Continued Rights Violations, Express Support for Peace
On December 3, 2013, President Obama will meet with Colombian President Juan Manuel Santos. Obama should emphasize U.S. support for the peace process and press for more progress on human rights.

U.S. Cuba Policy Undermining U.S. Policy on Cuba

In recent weeks President Obama and Secretary of State John Kerry have spoken directly about the need to “update” U.S. policy towards Cuba. This week, we’ve learned that beyond being out of date and anachronistic, U.S.–Cuba policy might be better understood as incoherent, at odds with itself, and undermining the national interest.

One Year into Mexican President Enrique Peña Nieto's Administration

Little Progress has been made on Security or Human Rights
So far, the results from the Peña Nieto administration’s strategy for reducing violence and combating the crimes that most affect society have been disappointing. Peña Nieto has also failed to demonstrate a clear commitment to respecting the rights of Mexican citizens.

Washingtonian Magazine Names WOLA as One of DC's "50 Great Places to Work"

In the non-profit sector today, having good intentions simply isn’t enough. Organizations must be well-managed to be effective. We believe that promoting human rights and social justice in Latin America is of critical importance, and we work hard to ensure that WOLA is sustainably and efficiently run in order to have the greatest impact possible.

Civil Society Groups call on Colombian Attorney General to Investigate Killings of Women in Buenaventura

GAIDEPAC Letter Demands Action in Response to 12 Assassinations
WOLA joined individuals and human rights organizations from throughout the hemisphere in calling for investigations into the recent wave of killings of women in Buenaventura.

Agreements Reached after the Peaceful Occupation of Government Offices

Colombian Government Must Comply
The Afro-Colombian Solidarity Network calls on the Colombian government to abide by the commitments it made to Afro-Colombian communities in Popayan, Cauca.

Colombian Government Must Address Violence in Buenaventura

WOLA Stands in Solidarity with the Victims
WOLA stands in solidarity with activists throughout Colombia in calling for an end to the heinous crimes against Buenaventura's women.