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Human Rights Defenders and Journalists in Mexico Face Threats and Attacks

Three Years After Passage of Landmark Protection Law in Mexico, Significant Challenges Remain

Afro-Colombian Leader in Cauca Speaks Out: ‘This Situation That Eats Away at Me’

Afro-Colombian leader, Francia Márquez Mina speaks out on the current situation her community faces.

Even if Glyphosate Were Safe, Fumigation in Colombia Would Be a Bad Policy. Here's Why.

On April 27, Colombia's Health Ministry called on the government to end aerial spraying of coca crops over concerns that it could cause cancer. But even if it was safe, spraying is an absolutely ineffective policy.

A Legacy to Build On: New Attorney General Has Opportunity to Expand Drug Policy Reforms

Loretta Lynch, the new United States Attorney General, inherits a changing drug policy landscape. Serious drug policy reform is possible in the coming years if she commits to building on her predecessors advances.

Colombia Must Take Concrete Actions for Greater Inclusion and Protection of Minority Population

In a Letter to Colombia's Vice Minister for Participation and Equality of Rights, WOLA Calls for Action

Five Ways the U.S. Could Encourage Colombia to Work for a Lasting Peace

Ahead of a series of high-level talks between United States and Colombia, WOLA has five suggested messages that the U.S. should communicate to Colombian officials.

How to Get Colombia's Peace Process Back on Track

Senior Associate Adam Isacson offers his take on how to move Colombia's peace process forward following a FARC attack that killed 11 and damaged public faith in the rebels' goodwill.

Latest Border Stats Suggest Higher Family, Child Migration in 2015 than Official Projections

Numbers are down, but record arrivals continue. And Mexico’s crackdown is cause for concern
While migration has slowed somewhat since the 2014 peak, the latest border statistics suggest more unaccompanied minors will be apprehended in the U.S. this year  than authorities are projecting.