Analysis & Commentary

The Invisible Victims of Latin America's Incarceration Crisis

Understanding the Experience of Children of Imprisoned Parents
Incarceration has particularly negative effects on the children of imprisoned parents, a new study from Church World Service shows.

Obama’s Billion Dollar Aid Request to Central America: How has it changed?

The latest bills from Congress cut back on President Obama’s aid request while increasing military assistance. Here is an update of current funding proposals for Central America.

Increasing Incarceration for Drug Offenses in Latin America

Discourse vs. Reality
According to new research, incarceration for low-level drug offenses in increasing throughout Latin America.

Latin America’s Crackdown on Drugs Defies Its Progressive Rhetoric

Support for excessively harsh drug laws stems from very real concerns in Latin America that drug markets generate instability and violence. However, data from previous CEDD research shows that the incarcerated are mainly low-level drug offenders, whose arrests have little or no impact on the drug trade, as they are the easiest to replace.

New Report: Increased Enforcement at Mexico’s Southern Border

An Update on Security, Migration, and U.S. Assistance
Far from deterring migrants from making the journey north, the most notable effect of Mexico’s migration crackdown has been changes in how migrants are traveling.

A New Era of Accountability in Guatemala?

After years of a persistent lack of accountability for corruption in government, thousands of Guatemalans are taking a stand. The streets of cities around the country have been flooded in a “paro nacional,” or general strike.

Guatemala’s Elections Highlight Need for Accountability, Anti-Corruption Reforms

When tens of thousands of people took to the streets earlier this year, the message was unmistakable: Guatemalans are sick of corruption and the lack of accountability for those in power, and ready for a change from politics as usual.

Afro-Colombians Unprotected from Exploitation and Violence

With WOLA's support, from October 1 to October 6, Congressman Hank Johnson led a delegation with the Coalition of Black Trade Unionist (CBTU) to the Colombia. Following the visit, the observations and recommendations of the CBTU were outlined in the following report.