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New Report: Increased Enforcement at Mexico’s Southern Border

An Update on Security, Migration, and U.S. Assistance
Far from deterring migrants from making the journey north, the most notable effect of Mexico’s migration crackdown has been changes in how migrants are traveling.

A New Era of Accountability in Guatemala?

After years of a persistent lack of accountability for corruption in government, thousands of Guatemalans are taking a stand. The streets of cities around the country have been flooded in a “paro nacional,” or general strike.

Guatemala’s Elections Highlight Need for Accountability, Anti-Corruption Reforms

When tens of thousands of people took to the streets earlier this year, the message was unmistakable: Guatemalans are sick of corruption and the lack of accountability for those in power, and ready for a change from politics as usual.

Afro-Colombians Unprotected from Exploitation and Violence

With WOLA's support, from October 1 to October 6, Congressman Hank Johnson led a delegation with the Coalition of Black Trade Unionist (CBTU) to the Colombia. Following the visit, the observations and recommendations of the CBTU were outlined in the following report.

The Forgotten Indigenous Displacement Victims of Buenaventura, Colombia

Since being forcibly displaced from their territory in November of 2014, the Wounaan indigenous community has been sheltered at El Cristal sports complex in Buenaventura with little government attention and aide. WOLA visited the community after receiving information of their situation.

Latin America Informal Drug Policy Dialogue 2015: San Juan, Puerto Rico

Focusing on the Caribbean region, the thirteenth Informal Drug Policy Dialogue in Latin America, was held in San Juan, Puerto Rico, from 23-25 April 2015.

Uruguay’s Big Step Toward Regulating its Cannabis Market

Uruguayan authorities have laid out plans for the biggest step yet in the country’s efforts to regulate all levels of the cannabis market: cultivation for commercial sales. Two companies have been selected to grow cannabis for sale in pharmacies, and that the first commercial offerings will likely be available in mid-year 2016.

Twilight Hour of Coca Fumigation in Colombia Shows its Injustice, Ineffectiveness

Thursday, October 1, will mark the end of Colombia’s aerial herbicide spraying of coca crops, representing a hard-fought victory against an ineffective, unjust, and destructive drug control policy.