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Inter-American Commission on Human Rights Holds First Ever Hearing on Drug Policy

On March 25, the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights held its first ever hearing to analyze the impact of current drug policy on human rights.

Histórica audiencia sobre políticas de drogas en la Comisión Interamericana de Derechos Humanos (CIDH)

Audiencia será llevada a cabo el martes 25 de marzo a las 2 p.m. EST
Por primera vez, la Comisión Interamericana de Derechos Humanos (CIDH) llevará a cabo una audiencia sobre daños causados por las políticas de drogas.

Bullets from Brazil: Growing Military Industrialism in Latin America

Analysis & Commentary
Latin America has developed a substantial indigenous defense industry able to market its products beyond the Western Hemisphere and across the globe. This has raised a number of issues about who the end users of the weapons are, the impact of the weapons on regional stability, and their potential for abuse.

Behind the Staggering Rise in Women's Imprisonment in Latin America

Harsh drug laws are driving a surge in the number of women imprisoned in Latin America
Analysis & Commentary
Unjust drug laws are behind much of the surge in Latin America's female prison population.

Washingtonian Magazine Names WOLA as One of DC's "50 Great Places to Work"

Analysis & Commentary
In the non-profit sector today, having good intentions simply isn’t enough. Organizations must be well-managed to be effective. We believe that promoting human rights and social justice in Latin America is of critical importance, and we work hard to ensure that WOLA is sustainably and efficiently run in order to have the greatest impact possible.

Protests in Brazil: Digging Beneath the Surface

Analysis & Commentary
Brazil’s recent country-wide demonstrations protesting a broad range of political and social conditions are interesting for reasons that go well beyond the specific issues raised by the protesters.

Protests in Brazil

A discussion with WOLA's Joe Bateman
Brazilians have taken to the streets for the past few days in a series of protests that has taken almost everybody -- including the government -- by surprise. Adam discusses events with WOLA Program Officer and Brazil specialist Joe Bateman.

Civil Society and Citizen Security in Brazil

A Fragile but Evolving Relationship
The relationship between civil society and public safety officials in Brazil has evolved steadily over the past three decades. However, despite certain political openings for rights-respecting policies at the state and federal level, deep-seated obstacles remain that frequently hinder the reforms’ potential for success.

Brazil Poised to Pass Harsh, Rights-Violating Drug Law

Analysis & Commentary
Despite increasing regional debate in Latin America on drug policy reforms, Brazil is at risk of sliding backwards and is poised to enact even harsher, rights-violating drug policies.

Public Health Approach Takes Back Seat to Law Enforcement as Brazil Cracks Down on Drug Use

Analysis & Commentary
Despite some promises for change, law enforcement responses, rather than a public health approach, have come to define Brazil's drug policies.

Brazil’s Lessons in Rural Development

Family Agriculture, Access to Water, and Civic Engagement
WOLA is pleased to announce the publication of the new report, “Brazil’s Lessons in Rural Development: Family Agriculture, Access to Water, and Civic Engagement,” which highlights two Brazilian policies that support small farmers.

The United States Should Declassify Documents Relevent to the Work of the Brazilian Truth Commission

Like other Latin American Truth Commissions, Brazil’s has officially requested assistance from the United States in the form of a review and declassification of still classified U.S. documentation related to the human rights cases and military agencies that the Commission is investigating.

Nuevo Estudio: América Latina castiga a ofensores de drogas más que a asesinos o violadores

En América Latina es más grave contrabandear marihuana con el fin de venderla a quien quiere consumirla, que violar a una mujer o matar voluntariamente al vecino.

Recent Corruption and Human Rights Trials in Brazil Could Signal Shift toward Justice

Analysis & Commentary
There have recently been a number of high-profile criminal cases in Brazil that have caused some to proclaim that a culture of impunity is finally giving way to a culture of accountability where criminals face justice.

Brazilian Citizen Security Policies: Variety of Experiences Useful in Regional Debates

Analysis & Commentary
Brazil, like many countries in Latin America, has struggled over the last 20 years with how to effectively address high levels of crime and violence.

Brazil security and human rights update

WOLA's Joseph Bateman on Brazil's evolving public security situation, human rights, and Brasília's foreign policy
Adam talks to Joseph Bateman, WOLA's Program Officer for Brazil, about what he's learned on 3 recent visits. Topics include citizen security and policing, human rights and the new Truth Commission, and Brazil's foreign policy and relations with Washington.

The Human Cost of the Drug War

Drugs and Prisons in Latin America
The people in the videos are featured because they represent the rarely revealed human side of the war on drugs.

Truth Commission in Brazil is Part of Reconciliation Process

Analysis & Commentary
Although the Truth Commission does not include provisions for prosecutions, there are some that hope, and others that fear, that the information revealed by the two-year investigation will create the momentum necessary to overturn the Amnesty Law.