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Experts Investigating Mexico's Ayotzinapa Case Face a 'Coordinated Defamation Campaign'

Campaign is an Attempt to Hide the Truth and Obstruct Justice
We call on the Mexican government to publicly acknowledge the important work of the Group of Experts

Women, Drug Policies, and Incarceration in the Americas

A Joint Project to Promote More Humane and Effective Policies
Analysis & Commentary
In collaboration with gender and human rights organizations from throughout the world, IDPC, Dejusticia and WOLA have convened a group of leading experts to address the harmful effects of incarceration on women in the Americas.

The Societal Cost of Locking Up Women for Low-Level Drug Offenses

A working group of human rights experts, legal specialists, and government officials throughout Latin America has published a policy roadmap for the region to reduce the unjust levels of women’s incarceration for drug offenses.

Mexico's Response to the NYT: An Opportunity to Prove Accountability

According to WOLA, the most important thing that the government must do right now to ensure accountability is to guarantee that the entire government cooperates fully with the group of international experts working on the case.

WOLA Update on Mexico's Case of 43 Disappeared Students

Analysis & Commentary
As we move into 2016, only four months remain for the Group of Experts investigating the enforced disappearance of 43 students in Mexico.

WOLA’s Joy Olson Reflects on Gun Violence and its Victims

‘We All Need to Do What We Can, Where We Are’
Analysis & Commentary
WOLA's Executive Director Joy Olson reflects on her experience at the White House ceremony in which President Obama presented new executive actions on gun policy.

President Obama’s Executive Actions Limit Gun Trafficking Loopholes

Actions Will Help Keep Guns out of the Wrong Hands at Home and Abroad
President Barack Obama has signed new executive actions that will boost enforcement of existing gun laws and make it harder for illegal traffickers to avoid background checks by obtaining guns online or at gun shows.

Analysis and Information on Mexico's Ayotzinapa Case

A list of resources regarding Mexico's investigation of the 43 disappeared students.
Analysis & Commentary
In September 2014, forty-three students in the state of Guerrero were forcibly disappeared after a series of attacks by local police.

Statement on the Investigation into Mexico's 43 Disappeared Students

The statement asserts that while the Mexican government has taken some positive steps to support the investigation and the continuing work of the IACHR-appointed Group of Experts, some currents within the government continue to insist on the validity of the government’s original case theory.

Human Rights Organizations Express Support to Advance Investigation into 43 Disappeared Students in Mexico

Analysis & Commentary
On the night of September 26, 2014, students in Mexico’s southern state of Guerrero were violently attacked by local police; 43 students were detained and disappeared.

Migrant Shelters and Human Rights Organizations Seek Protection and Justice for Migrants and Refugees in Mexico in New Report

New report explains how the Southern Border Program has significantly increased migration enforcement operations, apprehensions, and deportations of migrants, which has led to an increase in human rights violations against migrants.

Joint Report: Justice for Crimes and Human Rights Violations against Migrants and Refugees in Mexico

The report is based on a series of visits to migrant shelters and organizations, interviews with staff and migrants, interviews with local authorities, and a thorough review of the migrant shelters’ case documentation.

Mexico's Migration Crackdown Creates Spike in Apprehensions, Dangerous Shifts in Migrant Routes

New WOLA Report Reveals that Increased Enforcement Leaves Migrants More Vulnerable in Southern Mexico
Far from deterring migrants from making the journey north, the most notable effects of Mexico’s Southern Border Program have been a significant uptick in apprehensions and changes in where and how migrants are traveling.

New Report: Increased Enforcement at Mexico’s Southern Border

An Update on Security, Migration, and U.S. Assistance
Analysis & Commentary
Far from deterring migrants from making the journey north, the most notable effect of Mexico’s migration crackdown has been changes in how migrants are traveling.

49 U.S. Representatives Express Concern for Mexico’s Increased Migration Enforcement

The Representatives urge President Obama to work with Mexican authorities to strengthen the institutional capacity of Mexico’s migration and protection agencies.

New Studies Reveal Increase in Incarceration for Drug Offenses in the Americas

Despite the current debate in Latin America on the need to rethink drug policy, mass incarceration for nonviolent drug offenses has increased across the region.

Event Video: Investigating the Disappearance of the 43 Students in Mexico

A briefing on the current status of the investigation and the work of the international experts appointed to investigate the case.

The Impact of Drug Policy on Human Rights in the Americas

Drug policy reformers from throughout the hemisphere present on how drug policies have violated human rights.

How a New Report Challenges Mexico's 'Official Version' of the Case of 43 Disappeared Students

Analysis & Commentary
A summary of the Group of Experts' initial conclusions and recommendations

New Report Casts Doubt on the Official Version of Mexico’s Ayotzinapa Disappearances

Mexican government's response fails to recognize grave errors in the original investigation
A report issued on September 6 by the Interdisciplinary Group of Independent Experts (GIEI) concludes that the Mexican government’s version of the fate of the 43 forcibly disappeared students from Ayotzinapa is wrong and not substantiated by scientific evidence.