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Inter-American Commission on Human Rights Holds First Ever Hearing on Drug Policy

On March 25, the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights held its first ever hearing to analyze the impact of current drug policy on human rights.

Histórica audiencia sobre políticas de drogas en la Comisión Interamericana de Derechos Humanos (CIDH)

Audiencia será llevada a cabo el martes 25 de marzo a las 2 p.m. EST
Por primera vez, la Comisión Interamericana de Derechos Humanos (CIDH) llevará a cabo una audiencia sobre daños causados por las políticas de drogas.

Washingtonian Magazine Names WOLA as One of DC's "50 Great Places to Work"

Analysis & Commentary
In the non-profit sector today, having good intentions simply isn’t enough. Organizations must be well-managed to be effective. We believe that promoting human rights and social justice in Latin America is of critical importance, and we work hard to ensure that WOLA is sustainably and efficiently run in order to have the greatest impact possible.

What does it mean to have a human rights-oriented drug policy?

Analysis & Commentary
The war on drugs has failed; what are the alternative policies that can take its place?

Slow justice for Peru's disappeared

Analysis & Commentary
In an unprecedented move, an active duty general was found guilty of the enforced disappearance of a school principal.

Remembering Peruvian Human Rights Leader Javier Diez Canseco

Analysis & Commentary
Javier Diez Canseco will long be remembered as a tireless defender of human rights in Peru, from the darkest moments of Peru's conflict to the day of his passing.

Twenty Years after the Salvadoran Truth Commission

On Wednesday, April 10, 2013, WOLA, the University of Washington, DPLF, CEJIL, and George Mason University co-sponsored a discussion on the current status of emblematic human rights cases in El Salvador and throughout Latin America.

The Bones Speak: The Remains of Three of the Disappeared are Found in Los Cabitos (Peru)

Article in the blog La Mula on the search for truth following Peru's internal armed conflict
Analysis & Commentary
The exhumation of several executed bodies from Los Cabitos military base in Peru is further evidence of crimes committed during Peru's internal armed conflict, as WOLA Senior Fellow Jo-Marie Burt explains.(Spanish only)

WOLA Congratulates Peruvian Human Rights Leader for Award

APRODEH Founder Francisco Soberón Honored by Peru's Human Rights Coordinator
Analysis & Commentary
WOLA congratulates Peruvian human rights advocate Francisco Soberón for his award recognizing his long-time dedication to human rights and social justice

UN International Guiding Principles on Alternative Development: Part II

Opportunity Lost?
Analysis & Commentary
Concluding a two-part series exploring the inner workings of international drug reform, Coletta Youngers finds that last week's multilateral meeting in Lima, Peru, failed in its primary goal of encouraging investment in alternatives to drug crops.

Remembering Pilar Coll

Analysis & Commentary
WOLA mourns the loss of dear friend and colleague, Pilar Coll. Pilar will long be remembered for her dedication to human rights and social justice in Peru.

Inter-American Court Holds Hearing to Review Controversial Supreme Court Ruling in landmark Barrios Altos Case

WOLA Looks to the Court to Nullify the Controversial Verdict
Analysis & Commentary
The Inter-American Court of Human Rights is reviewing a controversial Peruvian Supreme Court ruling today which, if ultimately upheld, could erode advances in human rights and transitional justice made since the end of the Fujimori era.

UN and U.S. Estimates for Cocaine Production Contradict Each Other

UN numbers suggest an increase in land under coca cultivation in Colombia, while "mysterious" U.S. numbers suggest a decrease
Analysis & Commentary
Are Colombian traffickers really getting less than half as much cocaine from coca grown in their country, as U.S. (but not UN) estimates indicate? With no transparency at all over how these tonnage estimates are derived, the U.S. cocaine-production numbers are wide open to charges of politicization

Grave Step Backward for Efforts to Achieve Truth and Justice in Peru

Analysis & Commentary
On July 20, the Peruvian Supreme Court emitted a highly controversial sentence in a case involving the members of the Colina Group death squad. According to human rights defenders and the victims in the relevant cases, the sentence is a major step backward in Peru’s tortured quest for truth and justice.

Peru President Humala Can't Put Drug Reform Genie Back in the Bottle

An article by WOLA Senior Fellow Coletta Youngers in Foreign Policy in Focus
Analysis & Commentary
Foreign ministry and drug policy officials from around the world gathered in Lima on June 25 and 26, 2012 for a summit on the “world drug problem” convened by the Peruvian government

International “Anti-Drug” Summit in Peru Attempts to Maintain Drug War Status Quo: Will It Succeed?

By John M. Walsh and Coletta A. Youngers
Analysis & Commentary
The global debate on drug policy is getting more interesting, due in no small part to initiatives from Latin America. The Uruguayan government’s June 20 announcement that it will propose legislation to create a legal, regulated market for marijuana is just the latest development to challenge business as usual in the “war on drugs.”

Latin America Drug Policy Dialogue 2012 Lima

The Eighth Informal Dialogue on Drug Policies in Latin America
El Octavo Diálogo Informal sobre Políticas de Drogas en América Latina tuvo lugar en la ciudad de Lima y contó con el auspicio del Centro de Investigación Drogas y Derechos Humanos (CIDDH)

Summit of the Americas: WOLA Resources

WOLA is pleased to provide these resources about the upcoming Summit of the Americas.