Past Events

Will Afro-Colombians Gain Better Representation in Post-Conflict Colombia?

Join WOLA for a discussion of the political challenges faced by Afro-Colombians as their country's 50-year armed conflict winds down.

Protecting Colombian Workers: Assessment of Colombia’s Labor Action Plan in the Wake of its Fourth Anniversary

Join WOLA and the AFL-CIO as panelists discuss the shortfalls of Colombia's Labor Action Plan and the often deadly challenges labor leaders face in the country.

A Conversation with Clara Rojas on Colombia's Peace Process

After spending nearly six years in captivity in the jungles of southern Colombia, Congresswoman Clara Rojas González has become an important voice for peace in her country. Come hear her share her perspectives on building peace in Colombia.

IACHR Hearing: The Right to Truth and the Report of Brazil’s National Truth Commission

WOLA is proud to join with regional and Brazilian civil society advocates in a hearing regarding the historic report of Brazil’s National Truth Commission (CNV).

IACHR Hearing: Reports of Acts of Forced Disappearance and Impunity in Mexico

WOLA joins 20 other Mexican and regional civil society groups in assessing the rule of law in Mexico as it relates to recent reports of forced disappearance in the country.

Broken Promises: The Challenges of the Colombian Land Restitution Process

Join WOLA, Amnesty International, and the Latin America Working Group for a discussion on the challenges and obstacles of Colombia's land restitution process.

Chavismo Under Pressure: Economic Crisis and Political Challenges in Venezuela

Join us for a timely discussion of Venezuela's predicaments and possible scenarios in the year ahead

Cuba Education and Advocacy Day

Join WOLA and LAWG for a day of educating Congress on U.S.-Cuba policy

The 2014 WOLA-Duke Book Award Presentation, Reading, and Discussion

Join us as we present the 2014 WOLA-Duke Book Award for Human Rights in Latin America to Óscar Martínez for The Beast.

Cuba’s Energy Revolution: Lessons for the World

Join WOLA and Community Solutions for a discussion with Cuban energy expert Mario Arrastía.

Genocide in Guatemala: The Future of the Trial against Ríos Montt and Rodríguez Sánchez

Former Attorney General Claudia Paz y Paz and members of Guatemalan civil society will discuss the current status of the trials against the ex-dictator of Guatemala José Efraín Ríos Montt and retired General José Mauricio Rodríguez Sánchez.

Human Rights in Mexico: Recent Abuses Highlight Persistent Challenges

Recent cases in Iguala, Guerrero and Tlatlaya, State of Mexico raise serious concerns about the actions of Mexico's security forces and the government's commitment to respect human rights, end impunity, and combat corruption.

Celebrando 30 años de la Coordinadora Nacional de Derechos Humanos del Perú: Logros, retos y desafíos actuales

Invitamos a celebrar el aniversario de la CNDDHH del Perú con una charla y un brindis.

Human Rights in Mexico’s Criminal Justice System

Join us to examine Mexico’s justice reforms from a human rights perspective.

Creating Peace on the Ground in Two of Colombia’s Conflict Hot Spots: Chocó and Buenaventura

Although peace talks are promising, conflict continues along Colombia's Pacific coast. Hear from human rights defenders on the ground