Upcoming Events


WOLA celebrates The Washington Ballet in its Latin-themed Week at the Kennedy Center

Come celebrate Latin culture with live music and dance at Latin Heat, a week-long international festival by The Washington Ballet.

Past Events

Creating New Opportunities for Central American Youth

Join WOLA in a conversation with Father Francisco “Paco” Iznardo and William Reese on promising programs that connect youth with employment and more hopeful futures despite a reality of widespread violence, lack of quality education, job training, and entry-level jobs.

Historical Memory and Transitional Justice in Colombia

Colombia’s government and the FARC achieved their recent breakthrough in peace negotiations by setting down basic principles on the rights of victims to truth, justice, reparations, and guarantees of non-repetition. Please join us for the next Colombia Peace Forum to analyze the role of historical memory in these transitional justice issues.

Screening of 'Alias María:' Join WOLA at the Latin American Film Festival

WOLA Senior Associate Gimena Sánchez-Garzoli will introduce the film 'Alias María' at the American Film Institute's Latin American Film Festival.

Screening of 'NN:' Join WOLA at the Latin American Film Festival

WOLA Senior Fellow Jo-Marie Burt will introduce NN, a film about political violence in Peru, at the American Film Institute's Latin American Film Festival.

Accountability For The CIA Torture Program: Ensuring Truth, Justice And Reparations For Victims

What lessons could the United States learn from the Latin American experience in the search for truth and justice and ensuring non-repetition of torture and enforced disappearances?

Peace in Sight: The State of Colombia's Peace Talks

Colombia appears to be nearing an end to its bitter internal armed conflict. After 50 years and a death toll approaching a quarter million, Colombia has its best chance in decades of securing peace. Join us for a discussion on the current developments and post-conflict challenges Colombia will face.

A Conversation Reflecting on Pope Francis, Spirituality, and Social Change in the Americas

In the context of the Pope's upcoming visit to the United States, please join us for a conversation on the role Pope Francis is playing to spark social change in the Americas.

Using Militaries as Police in Latin America: A Discussion on Citizen Security and the Way Forward

To handle Central America's violence crisis, Guatemala, Honduras, and most recently El Salvador have all turned to their troops to provide domestic security. Please join us for a discussion that addresses why governments use this strategy and how doing so affects populations, overall security, and civil-military relations.

Oil Palm Expansion and Land Accumulation in Mapiripán, Meta Colombia

During the last two decades, Justicia y Paz has engaged in research, advocacy, and legal casework, regarding oil palm expansion and related forced displacement, environmental damage, and human rights violations in Colombia.

How to Take a Country Back from Crime

The International Commission against Impunity in Guatemala (CICIG) as a Model International Instrument for Strengthening Democratic Institutions and Dismantling Corruption and Organized Crime

The Impact of Mass Incarceration on Women in the Americas: Opportunities for Sentencing Reform

Throughout the hemisphere, women are being incarcerated at record levels for non-violent drug offenses. What can be done?

Security, Transparency, and Accountability in El Salvador and Honduras

Join WOLA, the Wilson Center, and guests from Honduras and El Salvador for a discussion on challenges to security, transparency, and accountability in the Northern Triangle.

Forced to Flee: Addressing Unaccompanied Child Migration (WOLA in New York)

Please join us at Atlantic Philanthropies for drinks and a discussion on effective solutions to stop child migration.

Youth Violence and Resilience in Honduras and Northeast Africa

Join WOLA, the Education Development Center, the Wilson Center, USAID, and GWU as they discuss youth violence and resilience in Honduras and Northeast Kenya.

A Discussion on LGBT Rights in Latin America

Join WOLA, The International Institute on Race, Equality and Human Rights, and Human Rights First for a breakfast discussion featuring leading LGBT activist in the region.