Upcoming Events


The Para-State’s History in Colombia and Lessons for Latin America

As Colombia negotiates an end to its internal conflict, successors to paramilitary groups have the potential to undermine effective implementation of the accords. Join us for this unique opportunity to explore the history of this phenomenon and the steps that can be taken to address it in Colombia.

Past Events

Ayotzinapa Case: Final Report by Group of Independent Experts

Join us for a conversation with four of the experts to discuss the main findings of their investigation, what their work demonstrated about Mexico’s criminal justice system, and how the investigation into the disappearance of the 43 students can move forward after their departure from Mexico.

An Evolving Threat: Assessing Paramilitaries in Colombia

While peace talks with the two largest guerrilla groups in Colombia are moving forward, Colombia will still have to address the threat posed by violent paramilitary groups. Join us we discuss the need to redouble efforts to combat and understand these organizations.

Territorial Development in El Salvador: Opportunities for inclusive governance and sustainable development in a region in crisis

Please join WOLA, Lutheran World Relief, and Oxfam America for a discussion on local and territorial development strategies in El Salvador.

An Effective Transition to Post-Conflict for Afro-Colombians and Indigenous in Choco, Colombia

The recent spike in violence by paramilitary groups highlights the many challenges that the Colombian government will face in the implementation of a potential peace accord. Join us for a discussion on the importance of guaranteeing a space for Afro-Colombians and indigenous communities.

The Search for Justice: Crimes against Migrants and Refugees in Mexico

Join us for a conversation with representatives of migrant shelters from different regions in Mexico who assist migrants in the search for justice.

Forced Disappearances During El Salvador’s Civil War and Their Consequences Today

Please join the Congressional Central America Caucus and the Tom Lantos Human Rights Commission for a briefing on unresolved cases of forced disappearances that occurred during El Salvador’s civil war and their impact on efforts to strengthen rule of law today.

Digging for the Truth: Access to Information about Forced Disappearances in Wartime El Salvador

Please join us for a reception with a delegation of Salvadoran-American children survivors of forced disappearances and human rights advocates from the United States and El Salvador.

Venezuela's Stalemate before the Storm: Divided Government and Crisis of Governance

Four months after legislative elections, has Venezuela's opposition lost momentum?

Organized Crime as a Human Rights Issue: Perspectives from the Americas

Join WOLA's Executive Director Joy Olson for a presentation at the "Beyond the Headlines" series, hosted by the Women's Foreign Policy Group (WFPG) and NAFSA.

IACHR Reception: Honoring Latin American Human Rights Defenders

Please join WOLA for a reception in honor of Latin American human rights defenders who are visiting Washington, D.C. for the hearings of the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights (IACHR).

Citizen Security Strategies, Hardline Policing, and Human Rights Issues in El Salvador

Please join us for a panel discussion on the current security dynamic in El Salvador, the policies and measures being implemented by the Sanchéz Ceren administration, and the role of the Attorney General.

Peru’s 2016 Presidential Elections

Peruvian voters will head to the polls on April 10 to vote for president in the most contentious elections since Peru's return to democracy in 2000.

No Health, No Help: Abuses in Drug Rehabilitation Centers in Latin America and the Caribbean

Throughout the Americas, drug "rehabilitation" centers engage in abusive and unlawful practices that include humiliation, abduction, and beating.

What Peace Means For Protest & Policing In Colombia: Conversation with Colombian Human Rights Lawyer Franklin Castañeda

Colombian human rights lawyer, Franklin Castañeda, will explain recent legal restrictions placed on social protest in Colombia and what such restrictions mean in the context of a likely peace accord.

A Screening of "Déjenos Pasar" ("Let Us Pass")

"Déjenos Pasar" is a short documentary film that explores the difficult journey through Mexico for Central American migrants. Following the screening will be a discussion on current situation for Central American migrants in Mexico.