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Livestream: Carlos Vives and Social Inclusion in Colombia

Tune in here live for a discussion with Grammy-winning singer-songwriter Carlos Vives. Newly-named the USAID Ambassador for Social Inclusion, Vives will present on his efforts to address the historic marginalization of Afro-Colombian and indigenous communities in Colombia.

WOLA's Walsh Presents at the OAS on the Drug Problem in the Americas

In this taped event, WOLA Senior Associate John Walsh joins drug policy reform advocates and practitioners in a discussion at the OAS on drug policy in the hemisphere. Walsh acknowledges that there exists a growing realization among both officials and reform advocates that current policies have not been effective.

WOLA's Adam Isacson Discusses National Guard Deployment on WSJ Live

Texas Gov. Rick Perry plans to deploy the National Guard to help secure the U.S.-Mexico border as the federal government struggles to handle an influx of Central American immigrants. In a video interview with WSJ Live, WOLA's Adam Isacson weighs in on why this is a bad idea.