Internships and Employment

Internships and Employment



The Washington Office on Latin America (WOLA) invites fixed-price proposals for web design and web development work required for the creation of a new WOLA website. The work described below must be 90 percent complete by February 1, 2016, in anticipation of a February 8 launch date. Separately (and not included in the fixed price for the website overhaul), WOLA expects contractors to provide ongoing periodic site maintenance and address necessary security updates after the new website is up and running.

WOLA is a Washington, DC-based research and advocacy organization advancing human rights in the Americas. We envision a future where public policies in the Americas protect human rights and recognize human dignity, and where justice overcomes violence.

WOLA tackles problems that transcend borders and that require both domestic and international solutions. Through strategic collaboration, we partner with courageous people working on social change—advocacy organizations, academics, religious leaders, artists, entrepreneurs, and government officials—and together, we advocate for more just societies in the Americas.

Our website ( currently uses Drupal 6.0 as its content management system.  The site serves as a space for WOLA to 1.) Introduce our organization to new constituencies in the United States and in Latin America; 2.) promote and inform the public on our programs, research and advocacy efforts, and disseminate commentary  pieces, publications, and media outreach material regarding the latest human rights issues in the Americas; 3.) reach out to WOLA allies and donors and to engage them with our work; and 4.) position our experts as leaders in our field.

For many,  is an introduction to WOLA’s mission and vision, as well as to the structure and focus issues of WOLA programs. But it is just as important that it remain a space where returning visitors who are more familiar with WOLA’s work can see the latest news and analysis on the region.


While this call for proposals reflects WOLA’s initial thinking on the subject, we are very open to ideas and suggestions. In fact, WOLA will prioritize proposals that incorporate an interest in guiding our organization through the process based on regular communication and feedback about our work and institutional needs.

Broadly speaking, the relaunched website should incorporate the following features, ideally through the lowest cost means. The determination of the specific function of the features will be left to the contractor, and incremental costs associated with other options should be clearly stated.

  1. This site must be easily adaptable, and able to integrate any changes in web technology and new forms of social media that arise over the next five years.
  2. New site must feature all files from old site, including archives.
  3. Site must be search-engine optimized.
  4. Site’s CMS (currently Drupal 6.0) must be updated to the latest version.
  5. Like the current version of the site, the new site must have a Spanish-language mirror version, and every page must be able to pair with a Spanish counterpart.
  6. Well-designed home page, in line with WOLA’s current color schemes and brand expression, and representative of the weight of WOLA’s work (see our brand guidelines), featuring: the latest of our main content types, which are: “analysis” (400-800 words), “publications” (WOLA’s publications on programmatic issues),  and “news” (press releases, WOLA statements, and media advisories, and multimedia projects).
  7. Upcoming events, featuring their date and brief description.
  8. “Donate” A very visible, but not overwhelmingly prominent donate button
  9. “WOLA in the News,” press mentions of WOLA’s work
  10. “Sign Up for Updates” A link to sign up to our mailing list
  11.  “Program pages” – program-specific pages, which:
    1. list the themes that each program works on
    2. features the senior staff/experts working in each program
    3. prominently features their latest commentary pieces/blogs, publications, and news
  12. Search function: new site should have a well-functioning internal search feature that allows users to find content according to keywords, as well as related content tags
  13. Integrate website with social media, maintaining the embedded Twitter feed and allowing every page on the site to be easily shared across Facebook, Twitter, Google plus, and Tumblr
  14. Mobile-friendly version of site should be responsive to resizing.
  15. Should be easy to add images from computer hard-drive – images should be able to be resized  and compressed automatically
  16. Templates for pages must use WOLA’s current color palette and associated font (Houschka Alt Pro), and must reflect WOLA’s identity as an institution that is credible, influential, courageous, innovative, and committed. For more information on WOLA’s visual identity, see our brand guidelines.

SCHEDULE is going live with the website on Monday, February 8, 2016. All proposals must include a schedule that delivers a 90 percent functional website by Monday, February 1, 2016. Thecontractor is responsible for successfully delivering and launching the site on the respective due dates. After the launch, contractors will be expected to provide ongoing periodic web support and address necessary security updates.

FIXED PRICE and hourly rate

WOLA is seeking fixed price bids for the website launch. All prospective contractors must also submit separate estimates based on an hourly rate for periodic web support work (not included in the fixed price) that would range between 5-15 hours per month.

WOLA will select the winning bid based on the following criteria:

1.       Demonstrated willingness to dialogue– As noted above, WOLA will prioritize proposals that incorporate an interest in guiding our organization through the process, based on regular communication and feedback about our work and institutional needs.

2.       Cost and Quality– As a non-profit, keeping this project affordable is a requirement. No- or low-cost technologies should be leveraged wherever possible, but always with an eye towards maintaining high quality outcomes. Labor costs should not be discounted, but some consideration must be made towards maximizing productivity.

3.       Impact on WOLA’s visual identity– The new website must communicate WOLA’s brand, be visually appealing, and incorporate a design and layout reflecting the “two heart” nature of WOLA’s work, which is rooted in Washington, DC but spans across the Americas.  For more information, see WOLA’s brand guidelines.

4.       Functionality – All the functionality listed under the deliverables must be addressed, and major consideration will be given to proposals that include functionality that reduces demands on staff or volunteer time.WOLA currently uses Drupal as our CMS, but this is not a requirement for the new website. WOLA’s preference of CMS is variable according to the speed and ease at which the transfer to a new site is possible.


Proposals must address all deliverables, including the above schedule, as well as 1.) the fixed price for the launch and 2.) an estimate for the requisite post-launch web upkeep.

All proposals must include:

  • A 200-500 word explanation of prospective contractors’ experience with not only web development, but meeting web design needs (whether they subcontract or have an in-house web designer, for instance)
  • OPTIONAL: A draft mockup of WOLA’s revised homepage, incorporating WOLA’s brand guidelines into the website design
  • A 200-500 word explanation of prospective contractors’ plans to incorporate search engine optimization into the new website
  • The contractor's portfolio or resume, with links to previously created websites
  • An incremental timeline for meeting our requirements, broken into several phases

Proposals must be submitted electronically in pdf format by 5:00pm EST on Friday, September 11, 2015 to The successful bidder will be notified by no later than September 30, 2015. All questions should be directed to Geoff Ramsey 202-797-2171.

Thank you for your interest.



Sally Yudelman Internship Program:

WOLA’s Sally Yudelman Internship Program seeks to give interns hands-on experience and broad exposure to human rights advocacy and the foreign policy-making process. WOLA has hosted interns since the late 1980’s, and today our former interns can be found around the world working as human rights advocates, congressional aides, lawyers, journalists, professors, and even as members of WOLA’s senior staff.

Every semester WOLA’s new interns are paired with staff mentors and absorbed into the work of the organization. They collaborate on a mix of research, analytical, and administrative work, and they are encouraged to get involved in the day-to-day activities of their teams. WOLA selects seven undergraduate interns per session (spring, summer, and fall), and each intern is assigned to a different program area—communications, fundraising, or one of many policy areas. Interns also get involved in the behind-the-scenes work of running a non-profit organization, including helping with technology, media, finance, and event planning.

WOLA’s internship program is named in honor of Sally Yudelman for her commitment and contribution to WOLA and the cause of social justice. Following Sally’s example, we hope to provide unique mentoring opportunities through internships, encouraging the next generation of young people to get involved in advocating for human rights in Latin America.

For a look at former Yudelman interns’ substantive contributions to WOLA and personal reflections on the Yudelman Program, check out WOLA’s Intern Blog.  

Fundraising Internships -

Fundraising interns assist with various aspects of fundraising and institutional development, including event planning, donor cultivation and stewardship, database management, direct mail and email campaigns, prospect research, grant writing, and other responsibilities as part of the fundraising team. The position provides a hands-on experience in development and assures broad exposure to each of WOLA’s different program areas. Development internships will give students experience in the art of communicating WOLA’s mission and work to our broad base of supporters, and are ideally suited for students interested in non-profit management or philanthropy—in addition to human rights and Latin America. Experience with event planning, fundraising, or database management is a plus.

Communications Internships -

Communications interns assist with social media, WOLA’s website, content development, press relationships, video filming and editing, and a variety of other responsibilities as a part of the communications team. The position provides a unique look at the intersection of strategic communications, social media, press work, and the promotion of human rights in Latin America. Communications internships will give students experience helping to turn compelling stories into action by articulating WOLA’s mission and work for different target audiences, and are ideally suited for students interested in journalism, content production, strategic communications, or marketing—in addition to human rights and Latin America. Experience with technical software, press work, or multimedia is a plus.

Foreign Policy Internships (Five Programs)

Policy interns are each assigned to a specific programmatic area at WOLA (Drug Policy/Regional Security, Cuba, Colombia, Citizen Security, and Mexico). Within each program, interns take on a wide range of responsibilities; on any given day, one intern might attend a hearing on Capitol Hill while another translates a press release and another conducts research for a memo. The position includes immersion into one of WOLA’s program teams, and offers students first-hand experience in the research, strategy, and development of human rights advocacy. Policy interns are ideally suited for students interested in international relations, foreign policy, or political science—in addition to human rights and Latin America. Experience with translation, technical writing, and research is a plus.  

Application Instructions:

Approximately 30% of the internship is administrative in nature—answering phones, helping with clerical needs, or working on a specific task. All other time is spent on substantive work. The internship is unpaid. Interns are required to work 32 hours per week during the summer and 24 hours per week during the spring and fall. While internships are unpaid, we offer an academically and professional enriching environment for interns to learn and grow. WOLA is willing to work with students to arrange for university credit.

Interested applicants should have a demonstrated interest in human rights, democracy, and social justice in Latin America; initiative and flexibility; the ability to work in a fast-paced environment; good organizational skills; follow-through and attention to detail. Motivated, self-starting interns excel at WOLA. A minimum of advanced-intermediate Spanish proficiency is required. Technical skills are highly desired.

Latin American and minority students are encouraged to apply. In general, the Yudelman Internship Program is not open to students who have passed beyond their undergraduate studies due to its significant administrative component.

In order to be considered for an internship, WOLA needs the following materials: 

1) Cover letter in which you state:

  • That you understand the internship is unpaid.
  • Your specific dates of availability.
  • Your willingness to work at least 24 hours per week (32 hours per week for winter and summer internships).
  • Your internship preference (Fundraising, Communications, or Policy).
  • Why you want to intern at WOLA, an idea of your specific interests regarding Latin America, and your Spanish language abilities.

2) Resume.

3) The names of 2 references with email addresses and daytime phone numbers.  Contact information is preferred over written letters of recommendation.

4) Writing sample (no more than 2-3 pages) in English on a topic of your choice. It can be a paper you submitted for a class.

WOLA internships are unpaid. All WOLA internships take place in Washington, DC. WOLA is unable to assist with travel or living arrangements.

Please submit all application materials via email to Vania Loredo at


Fall internship (early September through mid-December)    July 10
Spring internship (mid-January through May)        November 15
Summer internship (late May/early June through August)   March 15

WOLA 2014 Summer Interns


WOLA's Summer 2014 Interns