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WOLA's Past: Advocacy Training in Central America

Analysis & Commentary
WOLA's Advocacy Training Program was established in 1996 and was active until 2005. Through this program, WOLA sought to help give civil society actors in Central America the necessary tools to promote change in their own countries.

Building a Media Strategy for Political Advocacy

This guide is aimed at civil society groups in Central America that wish to influence public policy and programs through advocacy initiatives.

Advocacy Training Manual

The "Manual for Facilitators of Advocacy Training Sessions" offers conceptual and methodological tools to increase the effectiveness of individuals and organizations that seek to strengthen and assist advocacy initiatives through training, planning, and evaluation efforts.

Popular Version of Advocacy Methodology

This popularized version of the advocacy manual offers the basics of advocacy strategy in an easy to use format perfect for groups and community development work. Only available in Spanish.

Basic Advocacy Manual

The Basic Manual presents the fundamental principles for an effective advocacy campaign in an accessible and practical fashion. The manual was designed for civil society groups and other organizations that wish to effect policy change.

Themes and Debates in Public Security Reform: A Manual for Civil Society

This series examines selected key aspects of police reform, drawing on lessons from Central America, the United States, and the world.