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WOLA Experts Visited Chocó, Colombia: Blogs from the Field

Adam Isacson's posts about conflict, displacement, illegal mining, U.S. policy - and the region's vibrant civil society
Analysis & Commentary
WOLA Senior Associate Adam Isacson's posts and photos from the road during a March 2014 trip to Chocó, in northwestern Colombia. Topics include the conflict's impact on Afro-Colombian and indigenous communities, forced displacement, illegal mining, U.S. policy – and the need to defend and work with the region's vibrant civil society.

DC Mayor's Office on Latino Affairs Honors WOLA's Gimena Sánchez

Analysis & Commentary
On February 19, 2014, the DC Mayor's Office on Latino Affairs honored WOLA Senior Associate Gimena Sánchez-Garzoli for her tireless work to promote the human rights of Afro-Descendent communities in Colombia.

International Groups Support March to End Violence in Buenaventura

Groups Stand in Solidarity with Victims' March, Call for End to Violence in Colombian Port City
Analysis & Commentary
Shockingly high levels of violence continue to plague Colombia's port city of Buenaventura. In this statement, international groups call for government action to protection the local population.

Colombia and the U.S. Must Prioritize Protection of Afro-Colombians

Letter Calls Attention to Security Crisis
Analysis & Commentary
In a letter signed by U.S. and international organizations and individuals, groups call for the protection of Afro-Colombian activists at risk.

Afro-Colombians Targeted for Standing Up for Their Rights

WOLA Briefs Congressional Black Caucus on Dire Situation
Analysis & Commentary
In a letter to Congressional Black Caucus aides, WOLA identifies dangerous trend of attacks against afrodescendant leaders and calls for action.

Conference: Perspectives on Colombia’s Peace Process and Opportunities for U.S. Engagement

In this event, Colombian and U.S. analysts, human rights defenders, and policymakers came together to discuss the status of the peace process and the role of the United States after an eventual agreement.

U.S. Policy in Colombia: Success Story or Cautionary Tale?

Analysis & Commentary
Washington's pursuit of trade with Colombia — encapsulated by the recent U.S.-Colombia free-trade agreement — is abetting human rights abuses and marginalizing Colombian activists.

Court’s Ruling on Operation Genesis a Leap Forward for Justice for Afro-Colombian Victims

Analysis & Commentary
In a major decision, the Inter-American Court on Human Rights ruled that Colombia was responsible for not preventing the 1997 displacement of thousands of Afro-Colombians.

In Colombia, a Rising Tide Sinks all Ports

Free trade has failed to bring prosperity to Colombia’s largest port city
Analysis & Commentary
President Obama calls existing human and labor rights deficiencies in Colombia just details that need to be worked out. The reality on the ground is far more grave.

Obama-Santos Meeting Should Highlight Human, Labor Rights Issues in Colombia

Human Rights Groups Call on White House to Pressure Colombian President on Continued Rights Violations, Express Support for Peace
Analysis & Commentary
On December 3, 2013, President Obama will meet with Colombian President Juan Manuel Santos. Obama should emphasize U.S. support for the peace process and press for more progress on human rights.

Agreements Reached after the Peaceful Occupation of Government Offices

Colombian Government Must Comply
Analysis & Commentary
The Afro-Colombian Solidarity Network calls on the Colombian government to abide by the commitments it made to Afro-Colombian communities in Popayan, Cauca.

Colombian Government Must Address Violence in Buenaventura

WOLA Stands in Solidarity with the Victims
Analysis & Commentary
WOLA stands in solidarity with activists throughout Colombia in calling for an end to the heinous crimes against Buenaventura's women.

Promoting Peace, Labor Rights, and Social Inclusion in Colombia

WOLA November Colombia Update
Analysis & Commentary
Over the past several months, WOLA has worked with policymakers in DC and grassroots organizations in Colombia to ensure U.S. and Colombian laws protect human rights and promote social justice.

Rep. Ellison to Colombian Labor Minister: Where is the Progress on Illegal Subcontracting?

Analysis & Commentary
In a letter to Rafael Pardo, the Colombian Minister of Labor, U.S. Congressman Keith Ellison expresses his concern over labor rights violations in Colombia.

The Search for an Inclusive Peace: Incorporating the Voices of Afro-Colombian Victims in Colombia’s Peace Process

In this event, two noted Afro-Colombian leaders share their perspectives on the conflict and chart how Colombia can include some of its most marginalized voices in the talks.

Conflict and Displacement Along Colombia's Pacific Coast

Africa Now Radio Interviews Three Catholic Afro-Colombian Leaders
Analysis & Commentary
In this episode of Africa Now, host Mwiza Munthali interviews three Catholic leaders from Colombia's Pacific coast who were in Washington, DC, as part of a WOLA delegation.

Afro-Colombian Leaders Targeted for Defending Human Rights

Analysis & Commentary
On the same day the U.S. Department of State certified Colombia as meeting its requirements to protect human rights defenders, Afro-Colombian leader Diego Balanta was attacked in Cali, Colombia.

Afrodescendant Catholic Leaders Present on Peace, Humanitarian and Displacement Issues

In this panel, Catholic leaders from Colombia's Pacific coast lead a discussion on violence, displacement, and the prospects for peace in Colombia.

Hundreds of Afro-Colombian Leaders Meet for Historic Summit

Twenty Years after Passage of Landmark Afro-Colombian Communities Law, Rights Remain Unrealized
Analysis & Commentary
WOLA applauds the Afro-Colombian Congress in Quibdo, Colombia, and hopes it will help chart a course to end centuries of abuse.

Progress and Pitfalls in Colombia’s Sugar Fields

Labor Rights Remain a Dream Unrealized for Colombia’s Workers
Analysis & Commentary
While a recent court case is encouraging, the vast majority of Colombia's workers continue to see their rights trampled.