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Q&A: Understanding Venezuela’s Protests

WOLA's David Smilde Explains the Ongoing Protests
Analysis & Commentary
In this Q&A, WOLA Senior Fellow sheds light on the ongoing protests in Venezuela and dispels common misconceptions.

Venezuela: Discussing the Protest Movement and Memorializing Chavez

Latin Pulse interview with David Smilde
Analysis & Commentary
WOLA's David Smilde speaks to Rick Rockwell of Latin Pulse, explaining the current protests in Venezuela.

WOLA Urges Openness to Dialogue amid Venezuela Protests

Calls on Government and Protestors Alike to Exercise Restraint
Analysis & Commentary
Recent protests have spurred violence in Venezuela; restraint is needed from all parties.

WOLA Blog: "Venezuelan Politics and Human Rights"

A unique resource for journalists, policymakers, scholars, activists, and others interested in understanding Venezuelan politics and human rights.
Analysis & Commentary
The contributors to the blog, including WOLA Senior Fellow David Smilde, provide insights on Venezuela’s politics that go beyond the polarized pro-Chávez/anti-Chávez debate as developments unfold.

Jim DeMint’s Fear-Mongering About El Salvador

WOLA responds to the Heritage Foundation's scare tactics
Analysis & Commentary
DeMint and the Heritage Foundation substitute mud-slinging for serious analysis of El Salvador's upcoming presidential elections.

International Organizations Call for Respect for the Rule of Law in Guatemala

They Also Urge Transparency in the Nominating Commission Process

Background Information on the Upcoming Elections in El Salvador

WOLA's Geoff Thale Provides Expert Information & Analysis

Elections in El Salvador and Costa Rica

Candidates and issues for February 2 voting
February 2 will see first-round presidential elections in both El Salvador and Costa Rica. Both countries' races are too close to call. Adam talks with WOLA Program Director Geoff Thale about candidates and issues.

Venezuela's Maduro Declares 'Great Victory' After Elections

In an interview with NPR, David Smilde discusses Maduro's economic war, noting that opposition candidates lacked a clear discourse on how they would improve the economy.
Analysis & Commentary
Following Venezuela's recent elections, President Nicolas Maduro pledged to deepen the socialist revolution and increase government control over the economy. WOLA's David Smilde talks with NPR's John Otis to discuss the effects of this strategy.

Venezuela Approaches Municipal Elections that Carry National Significance

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Sunday's municipal elections will be a barometer for Maduro's popularity, seven months into his presidency.

WOLA Briefing on Honduran Elections

WOLA Senior Associate Adriana Beltrán and Program Director Geoff Thale explain the importance of the upcoming elections in Honduras and the issues at stake.
Senior Associate Adriana Beltrán and Program Director Geoff Thale discuss the importance of the upcoming election in Honduras and the issues that are at stake.

Impeding or Furthering Justice in Guatemala

WOLA Senior Fellow Jo-Marie Burt discusses the long-term impacts of the Guatemalan Constitutional Court's recent decision to reconsider Ríos-Montt's right to protection.

Bolivia: Processes of Change

In this taped event, John Crabtree presents his new book, Bolivia: Processes of Change, which explores the achievements and limitations of Morales’ MAS administration.

Protests in Brazil: Digging Beneath the Surface

Analysis & Commentary
Brazil’s recent country-wide demonstrations protesting a broad range of political and social conditions are interesting for reasons that go well beyond the specific issues raised by the protesters.

Protests in Brazil

A discussion with WOLA's Joe Bateman
Brazilians have taken to the streets for the past few days in a series of protests that has taken almost everybody -- including the government -- by surprise. Adam discusses events with WOLA Program Officer and Brazil specialist Joe Bateman.

Remembering Peruvian Human Rights Leader Javier Diez Canseco

Analysis & Commentary
Javier Diez Canseco will long be remembered as a tireless defender of human rights in Peru, from the darkest moments of Peru's conflict to the day of his passing.

President Obama to Meet with Central American Presidents

Topics of Discussion to Include Security and Economic Cooperation
The Central American stop on Obama's trip seems intended to showcase positive messages about economic growth and partnership. But Central America has some huge challenges—on dealing with crime and insecurity, and on human rights and democracy—that will inevitably be part of the story.

Post-Chávez Venezuela: Aftermath and Implications of the April 14 Elections

WOLA's David Smilde spoke on Venezuela's future and the implications of the recent presidential elections. Please click here to view the video of the event.

Time for Statesmanship

Analysis & Commentary
As rhetoric in Venezuela turns heated, WOLA Senior Fellow David Smilde calls for statesmanship.

Q & A on Venezuela's Electoral Stalemate

Analysis & Commentary
WOLA Senior Fellow David Smilde, moderator of the Venezuela Politics and Human Rights blog and Associate Professor of Sociology at the University of Georgia, provides expert answers to most pressing questions following Sunday's presidential election in Venezuela.