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Women, Drug Policies, and Incarceration in the Americas

A Joint Project to Promote More Humane and Effective Policies
Analysis & Commentary
In collaboration with gender and human rights organizations from throughout the world, IDPC, Dejusticia and WOLA have convened a group of leading experts to address the harmful effects of incarceration on women in the Americas.

Creating Peace on the Ground in Two of Colombia’s Conflict Hot Spots: Chocó and Buenaventura

In this taped event on human rights in Colombia, leading human rights defenders share on-the-ground information on the Colombian conflict and identify ways the international community can support peace.

Statement on the Humanitarian Crisis in Buenaventura

Analysis & Commentary
WOLA stands with the residents of Buenaventura, Colombia's largest pacific port, in commemorating the brutal massacre of 12 young men nine years ago.

Behind the Staggering Rise in Women's Imprisonment in Latin America

Harsh drug laws are driving a surge in the number of women imprisoned in Latin America
Analysis & Commentary
Unjust drug laws are behind much of the surge in Latin America's female prison population.

In Colombia, a Rising Tide Sinks all Ports

Free trade has failed to bring prosperity to Colombia’s largest port city
Analysis & Commentary
President Obama calls existing human and labor rights deficiencies in Colombia just details that need to be worked out. The reality on the ground is far more grave.

Obama-Santos Meeting Should Highlight Human, Labor Rights Issues in Colombia

Human Rights Groups Call on White House to Pressure Colombian President on Continued Rights Violations, Express Support for Peace
Analysis & Commentary
On December 3, 2013, President Obama will meet with Colombian President Juan Manuel Santos. Obama should emphasize U.S. support for the peace process and press for more progress on human rights.

Promoting Peace, Labor Rights, and Social Inclusion in Colombia

WOLA November Colombia Update
Analysis & Commentary
Over the past several months, WOLA has worked with policymakers in DC and grassroots organizations in Colombia to ensure U.S. and Colombian laws protect human rights and promote social justice.

The Search for an Inclusive Peace: Incorporating the Voices of Afro-Colombian Victims in Colombia’s Peace Process

In this event, two noted Afro-Colombian leaders share their perspectives on the conflict and chart how Colombia can include some of its most marginalized voices in the talks.

U.S. Organizations Call for an End to Threats, Attacks, and Murders of Afro-Colombians

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In this statement, US human rights, labor, and faith-based organizations call for an end to the violence against Afro-Colombians.

U.S. Congress Supports Peace in Colombia

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In a letter to Secretary of State John Kerry, 62 members of Congress call for U.S. policy to support peace with justice as the country continues negotiations to end its internal conflict.

Will You Support Peace in Colombia?

Ask Your Representative to Sign a Dear Colleague Letter Promoting Peace in Colombia
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The letter, co-sponsored by Reps. McGovern and Schakowsky, calls on the Department of State to support the Colombia peace process and calls for the implementation of aid and policies that promote a lasting peace.

Mexican Human Rights Defender Norma Andrade Attacked for Second Time in Two Months

WOLA's letter to Mexico's Secretary of the Interior
The recent attacks on Norma Andrade demonstrate the need to implement a protective mechanism for human rights defenders.

Declaration on the Death Threats Received by Grassroots Organizations and Human Rights Defenders in Barrancabermeja

Paramilitaries continue to attack civil society
For decades, grassroots organizations that work for the defense, protection and promotion of human rights in the region of Magdalena Medio have been the target of threats and forced disappearances, in the midst of a climate of impunity and the absence of justice for the victims

23 Organizations Denounce over 2,000 Violations against Human Rights Defenders in the Americas

The groups depict an alarming situation and call for the creation of an effective mechanism to protect defenders
The insecurity facing human rights defenders in the Americas has reached alarming levels. The situation was denounced today by 23 NGOs from 11 countries meeting in Washington, D.C. for the 141st period of sessions of the Inter-American Human Rights Commission (IACHR).

Valentina Rosendo Cantu's Nine Year Struggle for Justice in Mexico

In this video, Valentina bravely tells her story of her fight to achieve justice after being raped and abused by members of the Mexican military.

Marisela Escobedo was murdered yesterday, showing that femicides continue in Chihuahua

She fought until death for justice in the case of her murdered daughter, Rubi Frayre
The Washington Office on Latin America condemns with much sadness the murder of Marisela Escobeda Ortiz. (Spanish only)

Indigenous human rights defenders in Mexico are threatened for working for justice

Mexican government must implement sentence from Interamerican Court of Human Rights to ensure their protection
The Washington Office on Latin America wrote a letter to José Francisco Blake Mora, Secretary of the Interior of Mexico, expressing our concern due to the recent threats against workers of the Me'phaa Indigenous Peoples Organization.

ACSN Letter to Presidential Advisor on Afro-Colombian, Black, Palanquera, and Raizal Populations

Mr. Gamboa must address the humanitarian crisis confronting Afro-Colombians
We, the undersigned group of U.S. non-governmental organizations, activists and academics that form part of the Afro-Colombian Solidarity Network (ACSN), write to you today to express our deep concern about recent human rights and territorial rights abuses committed against African descendant citizens of your country.

Violent Entry into Women's Shelter in Juárez

WOLA would like to call your attention to a letter sent to the Governor of Chihuahua that highlights to the ongoing violence against women in Juárez, México.