Maureen Meyer

Senior Associate for Mexico and Migrant Rights
Areas of Expertise: 
Mexico, Human Rights, Drug Policy, US Cooperation, Migration, Violence Against Women, Central America, Election Monitoring

Maureen Meyer directs WOLA's Mexico program with a special focus on analyzing US-Mexico counter-drug policies and their relation to drug-related violence and corruption in Mexico. She carries out extensive advocacy work regarding US security assistance to Mexico through the Merida Initiative. She also promotes justice for human rights violations in Mexico and Central America and monitors democratic processes in these countries.

Ms. Meyer has extensive experience working on human rights, security cooperation, trade, and development issues and has worked with various human rights and economic globalization networks in Latin America. She is the author of several reports and articles including Abused and Afraid in Ciudad Juarez: An analysis of human rights violations by the military in Mexico (2010). Ms. Meyer is also a member of the Mexican-based Collective for Analysis of Security with Democracy. She has been actively engaged in supporting the work of Mexican and Central American human rights organizations and has submitted two amicus curiae briefs to the Inter-American Court on Human Rights in support of victims of human rights violations in Mexico. Ms. Meyer has done important monitoring and analysis of the elections processes in Nicaragua, Guatemala and El Salvador.

Before joining WOLA in 2006, Ms. Meyer lived and worked for five years in Mexico City, primarily with the Miguel Agustin Pro Juarez Human Rights Center. She was an International Development Fellow with the Catholic Relief Services in the Dominican Republic and also served as the Mexico Country Coordination Group for Amnesty International (1998-2001).

  • M.A. American University, International Development
  • B.A. University of Arizona, Spanish and Anthropology
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