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Since 1974, WOLA has played a key role in all major Washington policy debates over human rights in Latin America. Our experts are called upon regularly to provide information and up-to-date analysis to the executive branch, members of Congress, and U.S. and Latin American media. For media inquiries or interviews with our experts, please send an email detailing your inquiry and noting your deadline to our press office at  To join our press list, send your name, title, and contact information to

News Releases

New Report Shows How U.S. Traffickers Funnel Foreign-Made Guns to Drug Cartels in Mexico

President Obama Can Act to Restrict Gun Imports

GOP-led, Bipartisan House Bill Seeks to End the Cuban Trade Embargo

Bill Shows Growing Republican Support for Broader Engagement with Cuba

Republican-Controlled Senate Panel Votes to Lift Travel Ban on Cuba, Widen Trade

Amendments would lift the travel ban on Cuba for one year, fund U.S. agricultural exports

As Havana Opens a Washington Embassy, Republican-Led Bill Seeks to Improve Internet Access in Cuba

Bipartisan Bill Shows Growing Support for Greater Engagement