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Since 1974, WOLA has played a key role in all major Washington policy debates over human rights in Latin America. Our experts are called upon regularly to provide information and up-to-date analysis to the executive branch, members of Congress, and U.S. and Latin American media. For media inquiries or interviews with our experts, please send an email detailing your inquiry and noting your deadline to our press office at  To join our press list, send your name, title, and contact information to

News Releases

Human Rights Organizations Support Extension of Experts’ Mandate to Investigate Mexico’s Ayotzinapa Case

Letters Sent to Mexican President Peña Nieto and to the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights

Group of Experts on Mexico's Ayotzinapa Case Release New Findings

Findings Suggest Significant Mishandling of Evidence by Mexican Government

Bolivia’s Innovative Coca Policy Secures Major Drop in Cultivation

Bolivian Experience Holds Lessons for Andean Countries, Offers Alternative to Forced Eradication

Amid Changes in Cuba, U.S. to Officially Open New Embassy: WOLA in Havana

WOLA will be in Havana for the Inaugural Ceremony