South America

WOLA has a long history of working on South America. WOLA's commitment to analysis and advocacy that promotes human rights, social justice, and democracy was forged in response to the coup d'etat in Chile in the early 70's and the military dictatorships that prevailed in that era.

Today, WOLA tackles a variety of issues throughout the region. Here you will find analysis of the political landscape in Venezuela, transitional justice issues, and hemispheric relations in general.

South America News & Analysis

Statement on Upcoming Venezuelan Elections

Call for a Robust UNASUR Electoral Mission to Venezuela
Venezuela is headed to legislative elections on December 6, which is seen as a crucial moment in the country.

Colombian Activists Face Alarming Security Crisis

United States Must Act to Protect Human Rights Defenders and Activists
An alarming number of human rights defenders have been killed this year in Colombia. WOLA urges U.S. policymakers to use the human rights conditions on military aid to Colombia to protect their lives.

Venezuelan Elections Briefing: Arbiters and Overseers

Analysis & Commentary
WOLA Senior Fellow David Smilde looks at the social and political actors watching over Venezuela's high-stakes elections in the second part of a briefing on the December 6th legislative elections.

Venezuela's High-Stakes Legislative Elections: The December 6 Vote and What Comes Next

In this taped event from November 9, 2015, the Brookings Institution and the Washington Office on Latin America (WOLA) hosted a discussion on Venezuela’s December 6 legislative elections and what they mean for the country’s future.