South America

WOLA has a long history of working on South America. WOLA's commitment to analysis and advocacy that promotes human rights, social justice, and democracy was forged in response to the coup d'etat in Chile in the early 70's and the military dictatorships that prevailed in that era.

Today, WOLA tackles a variety of issues throughout the region. Here you will find analysis of the political landscape in Venezuela, transitional justice issues, and hemispheric relations in general.

South America News & Analysis

In Peru Election, the Race for 2nd Place May Be Most Important

Analysis & Commentary
Peruvians head to the polls Sunday in what is a hotly contested election. The candidate who wins the coveted second position in Sunday’s vote may very well be the country’s next president.

Livestream: Divided Government and Crisis of Governance in Venezuela

Has the Venezuelan opposition's political momentum dissipated? After obtaining a 2/3 majority in the December legislative elections, the Maduro government has nibbled away at the National Assembly's powers and blocked their most important initiatives. Tune in here at 3 p.m. for an event on the state of affairs in Venezuela.

Peru Elections 2016: Back to the Future?

Analysis & Commentary
Elections in Peru are just five days away, and concerns that the process lacks legitimacy may undermine the authority of whoever is ultimately elected president.