Brazil has become a major economic and political player on a global scale. With its rising prominence, Brazil has attempted new approaches to long-standing problems felt across Latin America, such as citizen security and sustainable rural development. WOLA is bringing together Brazilian experts, activists, and government officials with others in the region to share ideas, experiences, and practical solutions.

At the same time, Brazil is beginning to examine the legacy of human rights abuses committed during its military regime (1964-1985). WOLA is working to ensure that Brazil draws upon the lessons learned by other countries in Latin America who have had to face their dark pasts in order to build more democratic societies.

Brazil News & Analysis

Police Militarization: Similarities Between Ferguson and Brazil

Analysis & Commentary
Recent “tipping point” events in Missouri and Brazil shed light on racist police practices and the militarization of police forces in both the United States and Brazil.

Latin America’s Dangerous Shift to Aerial Shootdown Policies in War on Drugs

Analysis & Commentary
As aerial shootdown policies spread throughout Latin America, it is unclear whether they are being implemented with the safeguards necessary to avoid future tragedies.