...advocating change through engagement

U.S. policy toward Cuba is an out-moded relic of the Cold War that has failed to promote human rights or democracy and, instead, has isolated the United States from the region. WOLA advocates for change through engagement with Cuba – including travel, citizen exchange, trade, and diplomatic cooperation on issues of mutual interest.

Key Program Themes:

• U.S.–Cuba Relations

U.S. policy toward Cuba remains stuck in the past, even as economic and political changes on the island continue. Click here to see WOLA’s analysis of unfolding developments in U.S. policy and in relations between the two countries.

• Reforms in Cuba

Cuba is undergoing a gradual process of reform that is characterized by a growing private sector. Click here to see WOLA’s analysis of the changes in Cuba.

Cuba News & Analysis

Ernest Hemingway’s Grandson, Environmentalists Call for U.S.-Cuba Cooperation on Marine Conservation

Hostile relations between the United States and Cuba hinder efforts to cooperate on key environmental issues. An end of ban on travel to Cuba is needed to facilitate scientific exchanges on environmental matters of mutual interest.

U.S.-Cuba Policy: No Longer a Third Rail in South Florida Politics

Analysis & Commentary
For years, Cuba policy has been the third rail of South Florida politics. But recent events demonstrate that far from being a political death sentence, supporting travel to Cuba may in fact be politically advantageous.

With Enemies Like Cuba, Who Needs Friends?

Obama designates Cuba a U.S. enemy; meanwhile, our militaries cooperate
Analysis & Commentary
On September 5, the White House announced that the Obama administration had renewed Cuba's designation as an enemy of the United States. Ironically, at the same time that the announcement was made, our military was closely cooperating with the Cuban military to monitor an unresponsive aircraft that cruised into Cuban airspace.

Cuba’s New Labor Code and Foreign Investment Law: Implications for Workers

Analysis & Commentary
Cuba's new labor code and foreign investment law both raise important questions about the future of social protections and labor rights in Cuba's changing economy.