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U.S. policy toward Cuba is an out-moded relic of the Cold War that has failed to promote human rights or democracy and, instead, has isolated the United States from the region. WOLA advocates for change through engagement with Cuba – including travel, citizen exchange, trade, and diplomatic cooperation on issues of mutual interest.

Key Program Themes:

• U.S.–Cuba Relations

U.S. policy toward Cuba remains stuck in the past, even as economic and political changes on the island continue. Click here to see WOLA’s analysis of unfolding developments in U.S. policy and in relations between the two countries.

• Reforms in Cuba

Cuba is undergoing a gradual process of reform that is characterized by a growing private sector. Click here to see WOLA’s analysis of the changes in Cuba.

Cuba News & Analysis

Did Raúl Castro Really Just Derail the U.S.-Cuba Talks with New Demands?

Castro’s overblown comments are neither surprising nor alarming
Analysis & Commentary
News stories and Twitter feeds yesterday trumpeted what sounded like new obstacles that Cuban President Raúl Castro was placing in the path of improved U.S.-Cuban relations. But the understanding of what Castro said, and what it means, has been mostly wrong.

9 Key Questions about New Cuba Regulations

What Do They Mean for Trade, Travel, Americans, and Cubans?
Analysis & Commentary
On January 15, 2015, the Obama administration released sweeping regulations to implement its new Cuba policy. This list covers the most significant measures and offers insight on how these regulations will make a difference for U.S. travelers to Cuba and the Cuban people.

The View from Havana: WOLA Was on the Ground When History Happened

Analysis & Commentary
Members of WOLA's Cuba program staff were in Cuba when the news broke about the release of Alan Gross and President Obama's announcement. Program Director Geoff Thale shares his on-the-ground perspective of how the news was received in Cuba.

Obama's Historic Announcement on Cuba: WOLA Resources and Analysis

WOLA's Cuba experts are on hand to provide analysis and commentary on President Obama's change in U.S. policy toward Cuba.
Today, President Obama announced a historic change in U.S. policy toward Cuba. WOLA has experts on the ground in Havana, who are available for analysis.