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U.S. policy toward Cuba is an out-moded relic of the Cold War that has failed to promote human rights or democracy and, instead, has isolated the United States from the region. WOLA advocates for change through engagement with Cuba – including travel, citizen exchange, trade, and diplomatic cooperation on issues of mutual interest.

Key Program Themes:

• U.S.–Cuba Relations

U.S. policy toward Cuba remains stuck in the past, even as economic and political changes on the island continue. Click here to see WOLA’s analysis of unfolding developments in U.S. policy and in relations between the two countries.

• Reforms in Cuba

Cuba is undergoing a gradual process of reform that is characterized by a growing private sector. Click here to see WOLA’s analysis of the changes in Cuba.

Cuba News & Analysis

USAID’s "Cuban Twitter" and Alan Gross

Resources and Analysis by WOLA
Recent developments in U.S.-Cuba relations have once again highlighted the counterproductive nature of U.S. policy toward Cuba.

USAID’s Cuban Twitter: “Democracy Promotion” Does More Harm than Good

In Cuba, the United States Should Do Less in Order to Accomplish More
Analysis & Commentary
A USAID program reportedly built a cell phone messaging platform in an elaborate attempt to inspire social unrest in Cuba.

President Obama’s Meeting with Pope Francis and the Issue of Cuba

This Thursday, March 27, President Obama and Pope Francis are scheduled to meet at the Vatican. According to the president’s advisers, Cuba is on the short list of international issues that will likely be discussed during the talks.

Americans Support Normalizing Relations with Cuba by Large Margin, Floridians by Even More

Analysis & Commentary
Growing support for a change in U.S.-Cuba policy gives President Obama more political space to do the right thing.