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A new era in United States and Cuba relations has begun. The process of normalization represents an historic shift that will be complex and take time. Lifting the U.S. trade embargo and other restrictions in U.S. law will require congressional action. WOLA advocates for policies of engagement to continue to open up trade, travel and diplomatic cooperation, and improved human rights on the island.

Key Program Themes:

• U.S.–Cuba Relations

U.S. policy toward Cuba remains stuck in the past, even as economic and political changes on the island continue. Click here to see WOLA’s analysis of unfolding developments in U.S. policy and in relations between the two countries.

• Reforms in Cuba

Cuba is undergoing a gradual process of reform that is characterized by a growing private sector. Click here to see WOLA’s analysis of the changes in Cuba.

Cuba News & Analysis

White House Announces Cuba’s Removal from ‘State Sponsors of Terror’ List

The Obama administration's announcement is a sensible, long overdue step that will improve U.S. ties with not only Cuba, but all of Latin America as well.

State Department to Recommend Cuba’s Removal from ‘State Sponsors of Terror’ List

At Historic Summit, Obama Administration Could Break with Outdated Cold War Legacy
Analysis & Commentary
Cuba's pending removal from the list is both a necessary step towards opening a U.S. embassy in Havana as well as President Obama’s deeper process of updating U.S. policy towards Cuba for the 21st century.

A Historic Summit of the Americas

Cuba Participation and New Prospects for U.S. Engagement with the Region
The upcoming Summit of the Americas will be the first such gathering attended by the government of Cuba, and presents new opportunities for the future of U.S.-Latin American relations.

What Can We Expect to Come From U.S.-Cuba Human Rights Dialogue?

Analysis & Commentary
Tuesday's meeting between U.S. and Cuban officials to discuss human rights may not produce immediate results, but it is undoubtedly the start of what will be a lengthy process that will require genuine two-way dialogue.