...advocating change through engagement

U.S. policy toward Cuba is an out-moded relic of the Cold War that has failed to promote human rights or democracy and, instead, has isolated the United States from the region. WOLA advocates for change through engagement with Cuba – including travel, citizen exchange, trade, and diplomatic cooperation on issues of mutual interest.

Key Program Themes:

• U.S.–Cuba Relations

U.S. policy toward Cuba remains stuck in the past, even as economic and political changes on the island continue. Click here to see WOLA’s analysis of unfolding developments in U.S. policy and in relations between the two countries.

• Reforms in Cuba

Cuba is undergoing a gradual process of reform that is characterized by a growing private sector. Click here to see WOLA’s analysis of the changes in Cuba.

Cuba News & Analysis

Cuba’s New Labor Code and Foreign Investment Law: Implications for Workers

Analysis & Commentary
Cuba's new labor code and foreign investment law both raise important questions about the future of social protections and labor rights in Cuba's changing economy.

The United States and Cuba Should Play Ball

Former Representative David Bonior (D-MI) discusses his research trips to Cuba with WOLA and shares his experience finding common ground with the Cuban people through baseball.

The Future of U.S.-Cuba Policy: New Actors and Approaches

Analysis & Commentary
The launch of a new 501(c)4 organization, #CubaNow, underscores the degree to which the political debate around Cuba has changed and the abundance of political space that the Obama administration currently has to make further changes to its policy toward Cuba.

U.S. Government Should Negotiate with Cuba to Free Alan Gross, American Prisoner in Cuba

New Statements by Gross Underscore Need to Act
WOLA calls on the Obama administration to negotiate with the Cuban government to secure the release of USAID contractor Alan Gross, who has been imprisoned in Cuba for four years and faces another 11 years of his sentence.