On this page, WOLA posts videos of its events, of interviews with its partners, reports from the field, and of other timely developments in Latin America.

An Evolving Threat: Assessing Paramilitaries in Colombia

While peace talks with the two largest guerrilla groups in Colombia are moving forward, another security threat is looming on the horizon.

Cannabis and the Conventions: UNGASS and Beyond

In a historic event at the United Nations General Assembly on drugs (UNGASS), WOLA talks about cannabis and the drug conventions, the UN's "elephant in the room."

UN General Assembly on Drugs: The Beginning of a Change in the Drug War Paradigm

At the conclusion of day one of the UN General Assembly Special Session (UNGASS) on drugs, WOLA's Coletta Youngers puts the summit in context of the broader drug policy debate and what the outcome may mean for future reforms.

An Effective Transition to Post-Conflict for Afro-Colombians and Indigenous in Choco, Colombia

The recent spike in violence by paramilitary groups highlights the many challenges that the Colombian government will face in the implementation of a potential peace accord.

Digging for the Truth: Access to Information about Forced Disappearances in Wartime El Salvador

A discussion with Salvadoran-American children survivors of forced disappearances and human rights advocates from the United States and El Salvador on the situation of forced disappearances during the civil war in El Salvador and the state of impunity permeating the judicial system today.

The Search for Justice: Crimes against Migrants and Refugees in Mexico

Join us for a conversation with representatives of migrant shelters from different regions in Mexico who assist migrants in the search for justice.

TEDx Talk: WOLA's Adriana Beltrán's on How the Fight against Corruption and Impunity Can Be Won

Adriana Beltrán, who has championed a comprehensive approach to tackling insecurity, violence, and organized crime in Central America, discusses the success of the CICIG in Guatemala at the TEDxMidAtlantic conference.

Livestream: Divided Government and Crisis of Governance in Venezuela

Has the Venezuelan opposition's political momentum dissipated? After obtaining a 2/3 majority in the December legislative elections, the Maduro government has nibbled away at the National Assembly's powers and blocked their most important initiatives. Tune in here at 3 p.m. for an event on the state of affairs in Venezuela.

Citizen Security Strategies, Hardline Policing, and Human Rights Issues in El Salvador

In this panel discussion, experts discuss the current security dynamic in El Salvador, the policies and measures being implemented by the Sanchéz Ceren administration, and the role of the Attorney General.

Is Peace in Colombia Feasible if it Excludes Afro-Colombians and Indigenous Communities?

On March 8, The National Indigenous Organization of Colombia (ONIC) and the National Afro-Colombian Peace Council (CONPA) launched an Ethnic Commission for Peace and Defense of Territorial Rights with the goal of guaranteeing participation in the peace process. Come hear from its members as they explain the importance of their inclusion in Havana.