On this page, WOLA posts videos of its events, of interviews with its partners, reports from the field, and of other timely developments in Latin America.

Building Peace from the Ground Up in Medellín

In this taped event, Catalina Cock of the Fundacion Mi Sangre of Colombia explains how the organization--founded by recording artist Juanes--works with landmine victims and at-risk youth to build peace in Medellin and throughout the country.

Interview with Coletta Youngers: Breaking Down the Vienna Consensus on Drugs

In this short video, attendees at a high-level United Nations drug policy meeting identify enduring problems in the organization's ruling conventions and practices.

Women, Drug Policy, and Incarceration in the Americas

This roundtable, organized by the Permanent Mission of Uruguay to the OAS, CIM/OAS, IDPC, and the Washington Office on Latin America (WOLA) explored the increased participation of women in all spheres of the illicit drugs market, as well as the gender dynamics of their involvement.

Human Rights Prosecutions in El Salvador

On March 24, 2014, WOLA was joined by guests from El Salvador for an update and discussion of the status of human rights prosecutions in the country.

Mexico’s National Institute of Migration: Migrant Rights and the Need for Reform

On March 14, WOLA hosted an event featuring Dr. Sonja Wolf of the Institute for Security and Democracy. Dr. Wolf recently led an assessment of National Institute of Migration, the governmental agency in Mexico that is responsible for ensuring migrants’ safety.

The Colombian Peace Process: A Northern Ireland Perspective

In this taped event, trade unionists and legislators involved in the Northern Ireland peace process share their experiences and lessons learned, applying them to the current process in Colombia.

One Year After Chávez: Venezuela, Chavismo, and Democracy

In this taped event, WOLA Senior Fellow David Smilde discusses recent violence in Venezuela, the country one year after the death of President Hugo Chavez, and what the future holds for the Andean nation.

Colombian Trade Unionists Highlight Criminalization of Social Protest, Labor Rights Violations

In this taped event, leaders of the USO oil union outline how the Colombian government has systematically denied their right to freedom of association, social protest, and collective bargaining--despite commitments to secure improvements.

Assessing the State of Judicial Reforms in Mexico

On February 4, 2014, WOLA hosted an event with Miguel Sarre and Edgar Cortez, experts on justice reform, to discuss the current state of judicial reform in Mexico. It is estimated that fewer than 25 percent of crimes in Mexico are reported to authorities and that only two percent of those crimes result in a sentence.

Conference: Perspectives on Colombia’s Peace Process and Opportunities for U.S. Engagement

In this event, Colombian and U.S. analysts, human rights defenders, and policymakers came together to discuss the status of the peace process and the role of the United States after an eventual agreement.