On this page, WOLA posts videos of its events, of interviews with its partners, reports from the field, and of other timely developments in Latin America.

Creating New Opportunities for Central American Youth

Join WOLA in a conversation with Father Francisco “Paco” Iznardo and William Reese on promising programs that connect youth with employment and more hopeful futures despite a reality of widespread violence, lack of quality education, job training, and entry-level jobs.

Peace in Sight: the State of Colombia's Peace Talks

Colombia appears to be nearing an end to its bitter internal armed conflict. After 50 years and a death toll approaching a quarter million, Colombia has its best chance in decades of securing peace. Watch a live discussion on the current developments and post-conflict challenges Colombia will face.

A Night at the Movies with WOLA

WOLA and the American Film Institute are partnering to present two feature films at the annual Latin American Film Festival: NN, about Peru's attempts to come to terms with its past, on September 20; and Alias María, a depiction of Colombia's deadly armed conflict, on September 26.

Using Militaries as Police in Latin America: A Discussion on Citizen Security and the Way Forward

Why have governments in Central America turned to their troops to provide domestic security? A WOLA-Center for International Policy (CIP) forum assesses how this trend affects populations, overall security, and civil-military relations.

Screening of 'NN:' Join WOLA at the AFI's Latin American Film Festival

WOLA Senior Fellow Jo-Marie Burt will introduce NN, a film about political violence in Peru, at the American Film Institute's Latin American Film Festival.

Why Guatemalans Rose Up Against Government Corruption

In an interview on PBS NewsHour, WOLA Senior Associate Adriana Beltrán explains why Guatemalans have risen up by the thousands to demand an end to government corruption.

Screening of 'Alias María:' Join WOLA at the AFI's Latin American Film Festival

An intense and riveting film, Alias Maria shows the human cost of Colombia's armed conflict and raises ethical issues about the meaninglessness of war.

The Impact of Mass Incarceration on Women in the Americas: Opportunities for Sentencing Reform

As part of a Congressional briefing sponsored by WOLA and the Open Society Policy Center, advocates for reform highlight the injustice and inefficacy of current drug law and sentencing reform.

Reflections From Havana: WOLA’s Geoff Thale at the U.S. Flag-Raising in Cuba

When the U.S. flag went up in front of the newly reopened embassy in Havana, it launched a new era in U.S. relations with Cuba. WOLA Program Director Geoff Thale went to Havana for the official opening of the U.S. Embassy.

Oil Palm Expansion and Land Accumulation in Mapiripán, Meta Colombia

On July 28, guests from the Colombian NGO Justicia y Paz spoke at WOLA about the impact of oil palm expansion in rural Colombia.