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WOLA is the leading source for independent analysis and commentary on Latin America. Our experts are called upon regularly by members of the press for up-to-date news on developments in the region. This page provides a selected feed of recent articles quoting WOLA. For media inquiries, please contact our press office at press@wola.org or at (202) 797-2171.

FARC Rebels to Disarm in Deal With Colombia

WOLA Senior Associate Adam Isacson says that the most difficult points of the Colombia peace accord have been negotiated.
The Wall Street Journal

3 things you should know about the new Colombia peace agreement with its rebels

WOLA Senior Associate Adam Isacson notes that several details remain to be negotiated before reaching a final peace accord in Colombia.
The Washington Post

El Salvador declares bloody war on gangs

WOLA Program Director Geoff Thale explains how gangs in El Salvador engage in extortion.
Financial Times

In Guatemala, Victims Commemorate the Third Anniversary of the Genocide Verdict

WOLA Senior Fellow Jo-Marie Burt writes about the third anniversary of the Rios Montt genocide verdict in Guatemala.
The Huffington Post

U.S. intelligence warns of Venezuela collapse

WOLA Senior Fellow David Smilde explains how a lack of basic necessities in Venezuela harms regular citizens.
Los Angeles Times

This poignant photo is a reminder of the people forgotten in the immigration debate

WOLA's Adam Isacson tweeted a photo from U.S.-Mexico border, which showed how U.S. border security policies affect people on both sides.
Business Insider

Venezuela paves way for petition to recall Maduro

WOLA Senior Fellow David Smilde discusses Venezuela's polarized political environment.
Associated Press

Investigators of Mexican disappearances hit government roadblocks

WOLA Executive Director Joy Olson says the Mexican government's official theory in the case of 43 disappeared students is not sustained by the facts of the case.
Washington Post

Mexican Human Rights Defenders Say They Are Target of Smear Campaign

WOLA Senior Associate Maureen Meyer discusses a defamation campaign against the international Group of Experts investigating the case of 43 disappeared students in Mexico.

In one of the world's most violent countries, the police are adding to the carnage

WOLA Senior Fellow David Smilde says militarized forms of policing in Venezuela have proven ineffective many times over.
Business Insider