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WOLA is the leading source for independent analysis and commentary on Latin America. Our experts are called upon regularly by members of the press for up-to-date news on developments in the region. This page provides a selected feed of recent articles quoting WOLA. For media inquiries, please contact our press office at press@wola.org or at (202) 797-2171.

Colombia seeks dollars to fight the peace

WOLA Senior Associate Adam Isacson says an increase in U.S. aid to Colombia is possible.
Financial Times

History weighs as Obama, Santos plot Colombia peace

WOLA Senior Associate Gimena Sánchez says for many Colombians affected by the conflict, 'Plan Colombia' is shorthand for a never-ending war.

Colombia's president seeks U.S. support for historic peace deal

WOLA Senior Associate Gimena Sanchez says the security gains made under 'Plan Colombia' came at a high cost to human rights.
Los Angeles Times

Guatemalan Military Officials Stand Trial For Sexual Violence

WOLA Senior Associate Jo-Marie Burt discusses the historic Sepur Zarco trial in Guatemala.

New Central American migration wave? January detentions dip but year-over-year numbers remain high

WOLA Senior Associate Adam Isacson discusses the number of migrants arriving from Central America.
Dallas Morning News

Guatemalan soldiers face civil war sexual slavery charges in historic trial

WOLA Senior Fellow Jo-Marie Burt discusses a landmark court case against 11 Guatemalan soldiers accused of military sexual violence.
The Guardian

U.N. Security Council votes to send hundreds of peace monitors to Colombia if deal is signed

WOLA Senior Associate Adam Isacson says the UN can provide professionals with credibility and experience to monitor Colombia's cease-fire and disarmament.
The Los Angeles Times

Foes May Hate Hugo Chávez, but They Like His Political Playbook

WOLA Senior Fellow David Smilde discusses the future of Venezuela's economic model.
New York Times

Obama urged to grant temporary status to Central American immigrants

WOLA is listed as one of the organizations that has urged the Obama Administration to grant Central Americans temporary protected status.
Miami Herald

Photo Exhibit Forces Lawmakers To Look Unaccompanied Central American Children In The Eye

According to a WOLA report, only 21 percent of requests for refugee status were approved in 2014 and during the first seven months of 2015.