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WOLA is the leading source for independent analysis and commentary on Latin America. Our experts are called upon regularly by members of the press for up-to-date news on developments in the region. This page provides a selected feed of recent articles quoting WOLA. For media inquiries, please contact our press office at press@wola.org or at (202) 797-2171.

Latin America Stumbles On Road To Health-Based Drug Policies

A CEDD report analyzes state approaches to drug consumption in Latin America, finding that punitive measures remain the norm
Insight Crime

The Colombian Peace Process

Victims proposals for a lasting peace

Immunity Denied for Venezuelan Official Arrested in Drug Case

If detained Venezuelan official Hugo Carvajal were to be extradited to the U.S., says Senior Associate Adam Isacson, Carvajal could provide significant information on corruption in Venezuela.
The Wall Street Journal

How the war on drugs drives the child migrant crisis

Although illicit drug trade significantly contributes to the violence in Central America, WOLA Senior Associate Adriana Beltran says other factors should not be underestimated.

U.S. should have tried nation-building in Central America, not Iraq and Afghanistan

The U.S. is integrally linked to its surrounding countries, says WOLA Executive Director Joy Olson, so regional development, not bigger walls, should be a top priority.
The Washington Post

Is Mexico Doing Enough to Secure Its Southern Border?

Adam Isacson, Senior Fellow and co-author of WOLA's recent report on Mexico's southern border, says Mexico lacks the resources to launch a campaign against illegal immigration from Central America.

The Corrupt Structures Driving The Exodus Out Of Central America

WOLA Executive Director Joy Olson discusses the historical context for the current conditions in Central America, and identifies violence as the primary push factor for migrants.

Peru Looks to Restart Aerial Interdiction Program, Antidrug Chief Says

Distinguishing a drug trafficking plane from any other plane is difficult, Senior Fellow Coletta Youngers points out, so the return of the interdiction program could lead to more deadly mistakes.
The Wall Street Journal

These are the Places Central American Child Migrants are Fleeing

An infographic made public by WOLA Senior Associate Adam Isacson links unaccompanied children migrating to the U.S. to some of the most violent and impovershed parts of Central America.
Mother Jones

Critican en EU gasto por deportaciones

As the U.S. continues to funnel money toward youth deportations, WOLA calls for the U.S. to consider a greater investment in the development of El Salvador, Guatemala and Honduras. (Spanish only).
El Universal