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WOLA is the leading source for independent analysis and commentary on Latin America. Our experts are called upon regularly by members of the press for up-to-date news on developments in the region. This page provides a selected feed of recent articles quoting WOLA. For media inquiries, please contact our press office at press@wola.org or at (202) 797-2171.

US-Cuba relations continue to warm, but official embargo remains

WOLA Program Director Geoff Thale discusses the growing momentum to end the U.S. embargo on Cuba.
WBEZ Worldview

Colombia's Chance for Peace

WOLA Senior Associate Adam Isacson discusses the compromises involved in Colombia's peace talks.
Chicago Tribune

Year after Ayotzinapa, a family’s pain has yet to numb

WOLA Senior Associate Maureen Meyer explains the significant shortcomings in the Mexican government's investigation of 43 forcibly disappeared students.
Dallas Morning News

Many details remain as Colombia and FARC rebels move toward peace

WOLA Senior Associate Adam Isacson discusses how Colombia will implement a likely future peace agreement.
Los Angeles Times

Colombia, Marxist Rebels to Sign Deal Ending War by March

WOLA Senior Associate Adam Isacson says Colombia's long-running armed conflict may finally be coming to an end.

Colombia, FARC Rebel Group Reach Breakthrough Agreement in Peace Talks

WOLA Senior Associate Adam Isacson discusses what a likely peace accord will mean for Colombia's future.
The Wall Street Journal

Colombia’s President Santos, FARC announce peace deal close

In a statement about a breakthrough agreement in Colombia's peace talks, WOLA says it is important for perpetrators to be held accountable for crimes committed during the conflict.
Miami Herald

Colombian president, rebels announce major breakthrough in peace talks

WOLA Senior Associate Adam Isacson talks about the breakthrough agreement in Colombia's peace talks.
The Washington Post

Maduro’s Wag the Dog Moment

WOLA Senior Fellow David Smilde says blaming Colombians for crime and violence in Venezuela is misleading.
Foreign Policy

Border Patrol: Family, children arrests at border jump 52 percent, White House concerned

WOLA Senior Associate Adam Isacson says detentions of unaccompanied children along the U.S.-Mexico border in August are the highest they have been since 2009.
Associated Press