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17 Apr 2008 | News

Elections in Paraguay: Change in the Air

This Sunday’s presidential elections in Paraguay could mark a milestone in the country’s history. The Colorado Party faces the most serious challenge of its 64 years in power. An important new figure in South American politics, former bishop Fernando Lugo, is currently leading public opinion polls. 

The Washington Office on Latin America has prepared a detailed memo on the election, its political context, and the voting process. The report is based on Program Officer Joel Fyke’s recent visit to Paraguay, in which he interviewed dozens of key officials and politicians, including all three members of the Supreme Electoral Tribunal, the country’s highest electoral authority.

The report, “Elections in Paraguay: Change in the Air,” will give you the background you need to understand the election results. It includes recommendations to election authorities and observers for a free, fair and transparent vote. Please click the link below to download the report.  (Disponible en español próximamente).



Joel Fyke, jfyke@wola.org

Roger Atwood, Director of Communications, ratwood@wola.org