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1 Apr 2009 | News

Call for Submissions for Annual WOLA-Duke Book Award for Human Rights in Latin America

WOLA-Duke Book Award

for Human Rights in Latin America



The Washington Office on Latin America announces the second annual WOLA-Duke Book Award for Human Rights in Latin America for the best current, non-fiction book published in English on human rights, democracy and social justice in contemporary Latin America. The author of the winning book will receive a $1,000 cash prize.

The award will be given in the fall of 2009 jointly by WOLA and Duke University.  Scholarly and popular books are eligible, either edited or authored. To be eligible, books must meet the following criteria:

An original, non-fiction book related to issues of human rights, the rule of law, social and/or economic justice, and democracy, as they are broadly understood, in contemporary Latin America. Books should pertain to events that took place in roughly the past 25 years.

Published in the English language by a commercial, university, or non-profit publishing concern. Books written originally in other languages and translated into English are eligible. Self-published books are not eligible.

Published in the two years before the date of the award, including the year of the award. In other words, books published in 2008 and 2009 will be eligible for the 2009 prize. Books published before 2008 are not eligible.

Judges will be looking for books that offer important scholarly contributions to research on Latin America while also enriching the general public’s understanding of Latin America. The winning book will reflect the standards of originality, high-quality research and clear writing to which WOLA aspires in its own publications.  In the case of two or more authors, the prize money will be distributed equally among them. The deadline for entries is June 15, 2009.

There is no entry form. Publishers, authors or readers may send nominations to:

Book Award
Office on Latin America
1666 Connecticut Avenue NW
, DC 20009

The notice or letter should contain a short description of the book and publishing details; no supporting materials or reviews are necessary. Nominators may also send one copy of the book, although this is not required for nomination.  For books due to be published in 2009 but after the entry deadline, nominators may send a pre-publication copy, indicating the publication date.  Judges are drawn from WOLA’s staff and its academic advisory board, Duke University, and the academic community at large.

The winner of the WOLA-Duke Book Award will be announced in the fall of 2009.  He or she will be invited to give a reading later at Duke University in Durham, North Carolina.