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23 Apr 2009 | News

More Resources on Femicide Trial before Inter-American Court

In a landmark case on gender violence, the families of three murdered women in Chihuahua have brought the Mexican government before the Inter-American Court, seeking justice for their daughters. Attached are further resources on the case.


Further Resources:  Cotton Field Murder Case before the Inter-American Court

The Mexican government will be taken before the Inter-American Court on Human Rights on April 28th for its failure to resolve the 2001 murders of three women in Ciudad Juarez, Chihuahua. This is the first case being heard before the Inter-American Court whose central issue is gender violence and it is only the third case to be brought against the Mexican government.

The resources below were provided by the legal team of the victims’ families.

Further background information on the crime and the case (available in Spanish).

Selected portions of the testimonies of the victims’ mothers (available in Spanish).

A press release by the lawyers of the victims’ families (available in Spanish).

Sign on letter urging the IACHR to issue a strong ruling on the femicides of Ciudad Juárez