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6 May 2009 | News

Mexican NGO’s Urge Congress to Fund Civilian Institutions in Mexico

This week as Congress is considering additional security funding for Mexico, a letter signed by over 70 Mexican human rights organizations was sent to ranking members of the House and Senate Appropriations Subcommittee on State, Foreign Operations, and Related Programs, urging a reconsideration of proposed military funding. Citing a dramatic increase in human rights abuses by the Mexican military, the letter calls for a comprehensive approach to the security crisis in Mexico which tackles the root causes of drug trafficking and insecurity. The letter requests that the Merida Initiative and other programs that support public security in Mexico do not allocate funds or direct programs to the Mexican armed forces and advocates that the proposed assistance to Mexico be reassigned to strengthening civilian institutions, looking to holistic solutions to violence. Any responses to drug-related violence must also include measures to reduce demand in both countries, including access to drug treatment programs, and a reduction in the flow of arms from the United States. 


Click here to read the letter.