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10 Jul 2009 | News

US Congress Members Discuss Crisis in Honduras

Today, the Washington Office on Latin America’s (WOLA) Executive Director, Joy Olson, testified before the House Committee on Foreign Affairs Subcommittee on the Western Hemisphere regarding the Crisis in Honduras.  Ms. Olson urged the US Government to condemn the coup d’etat that took place in Honduras almost two weeks ago and to be clear on what aid would be suspended because of the coup.

“It’s important for the U.S. Congress to send a clear and strong message to Latin America that military coups will not be tolerated,” said Joy Olson,

Several of the Congressional statements made at the hearing and some testimonies stated that what happened in Honduras was not a coup and condemned President Zelaya.

“This is the wrong message to send. Every single country in the hemisphere, including the United States, has agreed that this was a coup and that it needs to be reversed,” said Olson. “These members of Congress reverted to a Cold War mentality, it’s time for them to realize that we are in 2009.”

Olson further discussed the need to look at the political crisis in Honduras in a broader context. “Historically the political and economic systems of Honduras have been profoundly unresponsive to the needs and aspirations of the poor,” said Olson. “The current mediation process should include real introspection on both sides about the more fundamental crisis of Honduran democracy and existing political parties.”

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