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21 May 2010 | News

Rally to Raise Awareness of Colombia’s Internally Displaced Persons

US Network in Support of Afro-Colombian grassroots communities (NASGACC)[1]
requests your participation at:


Rally to Raise Awareness of Colombia's Internally Displaced Persons and Encourage US Members of Congress to Pass House Resolution 1224 on Internally Displaced Afro-Colombians, Indigenous and Women


WHEN: Monday, May 24 at 5pm

WHERE: The Ellipse (in front of the White House, across from 17 St and D St NW)

Speakers: Rev. Ricardo Esquivia (Evangelical Council of Churches of Colombia), Charo Mina Rojas (Association for Internally Displaced Afro-Colombians AFRODES USA), Andreiev Pinzón (Techo Común, Colombian Human Rights Platform Coalition) and

Pari Farmani (Student Activist, American University).


Come see a powerful display of thousands of portraits and paper dolls that represent Colombia's almost 5 million displaced. And also join us in a vigil before the rally on both Sunday and Monday 12-5pm. For more information: Call Witness for Peace (organizers of the rally) at 706-405-1273 or email [email protected], witnessforpeace.org/facethedisplaced or AFRODES USA at (434) 760-0663.

[1] NASGACC members include AFRODES USA, Washington Office on Latin America, US Office on Colombia, Chicago Religious Leadership Network, PBI Colombia, Global Rights, Grupo Afro-Colombiano Folklorico Tangare, TransAfrica Forum, Ecos del Pacifico, AFSC, Public Citizen-Global Trade Watch and Afrodescendant activists Prof. Joseph Jordan, Prof. Agustin Lao, Prof. Arturo Escobar, Ajamu Dillahunt, Monika Rizo and Roland Roebuck.