WOLA: Advocacy for Human Rights in the Americas
27 May 2010 | News

WOLA and Partners Send the CBC a Memo on Recent Developments in Chocó

On May 25, WOLA and partners sent the Congressional Black Caucus a memo on recent developments in the case of Afro-Colombian lands usurped by oil palm companies in Curvaradó, Chocó. The developments are that Colombia's Constitutional Court issued a ruling preventing the Ministry of the Interior from returning any lands in Curvaradó until a census of the local residents was completed and that the Attorney General's office issued arrest warrants for 24 palm oil businessmen for charges of illegal appropriation of lands, forced displacement, conspiracy to commit crimes, falsification of public documents, violating environmental regulations, and related cases of threats against persons who work on these cases.  While these are positive steps WOLA remains concerned about the safety of members of the Curvaradó communities and the NGO Justicia y Paz. Security for the communities and NGOs remains a major concern given new death threats. As such, the memo includes recommendations for steps US authorities can take to address these protection concerns.