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4 Jun 2010 | News

Adam Isacson Joins WOLA Regional Security Program Team

The Washington Office on Latin America is pleased to announce a new addition to its staff. Adam Isacson recently joined us as a senior associate on WOLA's Regional Security Program.

Isacson has long experience as an analyst and advocate on peace, security, military assistance and human rights in Latin America and the Caribbean. Since 1995, he ran the Center for International Policy's Latin America Security Program, where he helped create and maintain "Just the Facts," a comprehensive website and series of publications about U.S. military relations with the rest of the hemisphere (http://www.justf.org/) This work led him to focus particularly on Colombia, the region's largest recipient of U.S. military aid during the 1990s and 2000s.

At WOLA, Isacson will continue to develop "Just the Facts," a critical tool for citizen oversight and transparency over U.S. military relations with Latin America. He will also lead WOLA's Regional Security Team, which includes Senior Fellow George Withers, Fellow Lucila Santos and Program Assistant Colin Smith. This team addresses military issues including: transparency over increasing arms transfers and defense spending; appropriate civilian and military roles in democracies threatened by organized crime; restructuring and reform of U.S. security assistance and counter-drug programs; and the U.S. military's growing role in U.S.-Mexico border security and in setting overall policy toward the hemisphere.

WOLA is concerned that U.S. policy remains too narrowly focused on threats and military assistance. Working with partners throughout the region, we want a policy that helps build civilian capacities and relationships, promotes peaceful conflict resolution, and puts the highest priority on strengthening the rule of law and ending impunity. With this goal always in mind, WOLA welcomes Adam Isacson and looks forward to adding his expertise to an already top-notch security team.

Adam Isacson
[email protected]