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24 Jun 2010 | News

Human Rights Violations and Instability Persist One Year after Honduran Coup

One year after the June 28 coup d'état in Honduras and five months since Porfirio "Pepe" Lobo was inaugurated, human rights violations and political instability in the impoverished Central American country persist.  People opposed to the coup continue to face assaults, illegal detentions and unlawful firings from their private and public sector jobs.  Attacks against members of the media have been particularly acute with 9 journalists assassinated since January.  The promised "restoration of democracy" has not included the investigation of these crimes or the prosecution of those responsible or genuine attempts at national reconciliation. 

"There is no good news coming out of Honduras" states Vicki Gass, a WOLA analyst who lived in Honduras for two years after Hurricane Mitch and has followed events closely since June 2009. "The conditions are as difficult as they were right after the coup," she added.
Vicki Gass
Senior Associate for Rights and Development
(202) 797-2171