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11 Sep 2012 | News

Members of U.S. Congress Reaffirm their Commitment to Labor Rights in Colombia

WOLA welcomes today’s statement by key members of the US Congressional Monitoring Group on Labor Rights in Colombia. The statement stronglyreaffirms their commitment to guaranteeing implementation of the US-Colombia Labor Action Plan. The US-Colombia Labor Action Plan is crucial to guaranteeing that labor rights protections continue to advance in Colombia. While the US and Colombia has taken steps to implement the plan, serious labor rights abuses continue. Trade unionists continue to be killed, receive death threats and fall victim to spurious legal charges. Workers in ports, sugar, oil, mining and flower sectors continue to face obstacles and reprisals when exerting their rights and many workersremain without direct contracts. For these reasons, WOLA strongly endorses the CMG’s long term commitment to ensure progress under the LAP. We are strongly encouraged by their statement that “our efforts will not cease until workers in Colombia can use the tools under the LAP to fully exercise their labor rights.”