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18 Sep 2015 | News

Statement on Obama Administration Changes to Cuba Regulations

Dear Members of the Press,

Washington, D.C.—Today, the U.S. Department of the Treasury and the Department of Commerce announced additional regulations that will ease restrictions on travel, telecommunications, business and remittances toward Cuba.
Please find below a statement by WOLA’s Senior Associate for Cuba, Marc Hanson

“The new regulations are one more step in the process of normalizing relations with Cuba. More engagement between our two countries will also allow us to have more productive conversations on topics like human rights, political opening, and greater freedoms on the island. These regulations create new opportunities for business in the United States and in support of emerging entrepreneurs on the island, who are leading the way towards a new economic model in Cuba. Upon seeing the benefits of renewed trade with Cuba, we hope that these businesses get more active in working to end the embargo, which not only hinders commerce but has hurt the Cuban people for so long.”


Kristel Mucino
Communications Director, WOLA
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