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10 Nov 2015 | News

Statement by Representative Jim McGovern on Ending Corruption and Impunity in Honduras

In a recent statement on the floor of the House of Representatives, Congressman Jim McGovern (D-MA) spoke about the need for Honduras to put an end to corruption and impunity, and urged that U.S. and international aid to Honduras be linked to progress on human rights and the fight against corruption.

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In his floor speech on November 3, 2015, Representative McGovern said that any international mechanism to combat corruption:

“[M]ust be wholly independent from the government – politically and financially; that it must have the mandate and staffing to initiate and carry out investigations of crimes of corruption and impunity, and the freedom to pursue those investigations wherever the evidence warrants. It must also have the mandate and the ability to work independently with State prosecutors and investigators to bring such crimes to justice…I further believe that U.S. and international aid needs to be carefully calibrated to link assistance to progress on human rights and ending corruption, including a truly independent commission with the full power of investigation into corruption and impunity, and the ability to be part of the prosecution of those charged with such crimes.”

Click here for the full text of the floor speech. Click here to watch the video, or watch below: