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14 Oct 2016 | News

WOLA Welcomes New Changes in U.S.- Cuba Regulation by the Obama Administration

Dear Members of the Press,

Washington D.C­.—Today, National Security Advisor Susan Rice reaffirmed the administration’s commitment to normalizing relations with Cuba and announced policy changes to support that, including allowing Cuba-manufactured drugs to be sold in the United States, further changes that will make international trade easier for Cuba, and a commitment to make U.S. democracy promotion programs more transparent.

WOLA (the Washington Office on Latin America), a leading research and advocacy organization, would like to make available to you the following quote from Program Director Geoff Thale, an expert on U.S.-Cuba relations.

“These are modest but significant changes that will make the relationship easier. While we still need to see the details, it’s a real win that the United States will review its “democracy promotion” programs, which have been geared toward regime change and therefore an irritant to the relationship between the two countries. Making U.S. support of Cuban civil society more transparent will help improve relations and bridge a deep mistrust that has lingered for 50 years. To normalize the relationship, the United States needs to lift its embargo. There is increased interest in doing so. I truly believe we might see the end of the embargo in the next Congress.”

Mr. Thale can be reached for additional commentary by contacting [email protected].


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