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19 Jan 2017 | News

U.S. Policy Towards Cuba: The Case for Engagement

Organizations Send a Memo to President Trump and His Administration

The incoming Trump Administration has sent mixed signals on what approach it may take to U.S. relations with Cuba. Tuesday, the Miami-based Cuba Study Group and a range of organizations, from the trade-oriented National Foreign Trade Council to human rights groups like WOLA, sent a memo to the incoming Trump administration making the case for engagement with Cuba.

The statement urges the incoming Administration to review current policy, and “to defer major policy shifts until it has carefully considered how U.S. interests would be best served in its relations with Cuba. We are confident that a close evaluation will confirm that constructive engagement—including the reduction of travel and commercial barriers—is the best strategy for supporting the Cuban people and boosting U.S. jobs and exports.”

To read the memo, please click here.