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8 Aug 2018 | News

WOLA’s Venezuelan Politics and Human Rights Blog Tracks the Country’s Deepening Crisis in Weekly Updates

The recent drone attack against President Nicolás Maduro was the latest in a series of concerning developments in Venezuela, alongside hyperinflation and an influx of migrants fleeing to neighboring countries. Policymakers, journalists, scholars, advocates, and others can track the most significant developments in Venezuela on WOLA’s Venezuelan Politics and Human Rights blog, which has monitored the country’s crisis since 2012.

The blog serves as a unique resource to those seeking context and expert analysis on the nuances of Venezuela’s ongoing political crisis. The most recent post compiles media statements by WOLA Senior Fellow David Smilde and Assistant Director for Venezuela Geoff Ramsey regarding the August 4 explosions, which interrupted President Maduro mid-speech, and analyzes what this attack means for the future stability of his government.

Given the level of interest in Venezuela, readers can now subscribe to a weekly news round-up, Venezuela Weekly, which summarizes and analyzes the top news stories in several areas, including human rights, violence, migration, and international engagement. Subscribe here to receive the updates, or view the Venezuela Weekly archive here.

WOLA’s Venezuelan Politics and Human Rights blog is curated by David Smilde, a leading Venezuela expert, with contributions by Geoff Ramsey and others. They will continue to provide crucial analysis of major developments in Venezuela as the crisis deepens. Recent content on the blog includes:

  • A new report offering an overview of Brazil and Colombia’s mixed responses so far to Venezuela’s ongoing migration crisis.
  • Why sanctions against the Maduro government are most likely to succeed if they are multilateral, highly targeted, and clearly communicated: commentary by David Smilde to the BBC.
  • Analysis by Geoff Ramsey on how Andrés Manuel López Obrador’s presidential victory in Mexico could affect regional engagement on Venezuela.