WOLA: Advocacy for Human Rights in the Americas

(AP Photo/Noah Berger)

2 Jun 2020 | WOLA Statement

WOLA Statement on the Fight For Justice and the Struggle Against Repression

The brutal killings of George Floyd, Ahmaud Arbery, Breonna Taylor, Dreasjon “Sean” Reed, Tony McDade, and so many other Black people by current and former police officers are an urgent call to solidarity and action. As protests against police brutality, racial injustice, and underlying inequality surge in the United States—and as the highest authorities in the land call for repression—we must all respond forcefully in the fight for justice and in solidarity and allyship with Black communities.

At WOLA, our vocation is the universal protection and defense of human rights. That means standing with those whom people and systems oppress and kill—whether they be Central American migrants, ethnic communities in Colombia, or Black communities here at home. It also means standing firmly against the authoritarian and militaristic tendencies of leaders who seek to silence calls for justice and change.

Our unwavering support for partners and allies who dismantle deadly and racialized systems of injustice in Latin America and at home endures. We reaffirm our commitment to allies fighting the militarization of police forces that too often target ethnic and minority communities in our hemisphere—as well as to those transforming systems and institutions that perpetuate inequalities and protect unjust interests.

We stand in solidarity and allyship with #BlackLivesMatter, #LasVidasNegrasImportan, as well as all those who lift their voices for justice and against repression, today and always.