WOLA: Advocacy for Human Rights in the Americas
6 Oct 2020 | Joint Statement

Human Rights Organizations Urge the European Union to Continue Engagement in Venezuela

In recent years, the European Union has been a key actor in the search for a peaceful, electoral and constitutional solution to the crisis in Venezuela, advocating for a return to democracy. By using their voice and vote in international forums such as the United Nations, advancing strategic diplomacy in the International Contact Group (ICG), and by allocating €156 million in emergency humanitarian aid to assist Venezuelans in the country and across the region, the EU has shown itself to be an important ally in the defense of human rights in Venezuela. 

As organizations devoted to advancing human rights in the Americas, we urge the EU to continue these efforts and to remain engaged in Venezuela. It is essential that the European community continue its emphasis on the necessity of a broad political accord that can resolve the Venezuela crisis by restoring democracy. As the EU has noted on various occasions, the solution to the crisis must involve free, fair, and verifiable elections. The EU can play a key role in activating international instruments such as technical assistance and electoral observation, which can support efforts aimed at rebuilding an electoral route towards a peaceful, constitutional solution to the conflict which has afflicted the country for years.

We value the long-term vision of the EU, which seems to understand that the political crisis and complex humanitarian emergency in Venezuela will not be resolved with a single event. Instead the solution will require a series of political agreements to advance a difficult democratic transition. Beyond the immediate issue of the questionable legislative elections that are currently scheduled for December, the long-term goal remains finding a path to democracy. Looking ahead, the EU can and must accelerate a robust diplomatic strategy to find a democratic, peaceful and sustainable solution to the needs and demands of the Venezuelan people—working in coordination with the international community and the actors on the ground with shared objectives. 

In this sense, the signatory organizations consider it important to advance in the construction of alternative mechanisms that allow for the strengthening of the international presence in the country, both in relation to the monitoring of political-electoral processes and in monitoring the exercise and defense of human rights during these processes.


Acción Solidaria

Alerta Venezuela

Aula Abierta

Baruta En Movimiento

Caracas Ciudad Plural

Centro de Justicia y Paz – Cepaz

CIVILIS Derechos Humanos

Creemos Alianza Ciudadana Miranda

Foro Ciudadano

Foro Hatillano

Fundación Centro Gumilla

Intersectorial de Trabajadores de Venezuela (ITV)

Movimiento Ciudadano Dale Letra

Observatorio Global Comunicación y Democracia

Oficina en Washington Para Asuntos Latinoamericanos (WOLA)


Programa Venezolano de Educación Acción en Derechos Humanos (PROVEA)

Red de Observación Electoral de la Asamblea de Educación

Zona de Descarga