WOLA: Advocacy for Human Rights in the Americas
3 Feb 2023 | WOLA Statement

We Condemn Efforts to Censor and Intimidate La Nueva Prensa: Action is Needed to Stop Attacks and Guarantee Safety

Our organizations Colombia Peace Accord and Washington Office on Latin American (WOLA) who, with La Nueva Prensa, Contagio Radio, and others present a weekly program titled Colombia Acuerdo de Paz vehemently condemn efforts at censorship and legal intimidation and attacks currently facing Gonzalo Guillen Jimenez, Diana Lopez Zuleta, Mauricio Roberto Rodríguez, Miguel Angel del Rio Malo, Wadith Miguel Velazquez Garcia, and the La Nueva Prensa production team and their collaborators. The right to freedom of the press is essential in a healthy democracy and it must be protected to ensure that the public can be informed about events that affect the well-being of their society. We demand that the United Nations ( mechanisms and agencies), the governments of Colombia and the United States and all entities that defend the right of free expression take action to stop all forms of intimidation —judicial and others against the la Nueva Prensa team.

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