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18 Nov 2007 | Publication

At a Crossroads: Drug Trafficking and Violence in Mexico

The Washington Office on Latin America and The Beckley Foundation Drug Policy Programme are pleased to announce the release of a joint publication, “At a Crossroads: Drug Trafficking, Violence and the Mexican State.” 

The briefing paper provides an overview of current and past drug policies implemented by the Mexican government, with a focus on its law enforcement efforts.  “At a Crossroads” analyzes trends in the increased reliance on the Mexican armed forces in counter-drug activities and the role that the U.S. government has played in shaping Mexico’s counter-drug efforts.

“At a Crossroads” comes at a critical time in U.S. relations with Mexico, with the Bush administration’s recent announcement of a $500 million security assistance package to Mexico to combat drug trafficking and violence.  The report provides crucial background information and context to the events leading up to this aid package; it is a useful reference point for policy makers as they deliberate the package in the coming weeks and for press.  The brief is available in English and Spanish. Click here to download the brief.


Maureen Meyer, Associate for Mexico and Central America, [email protected]

Roger Atwood, Communications Director, [email protected]