WOLA: Advocacy for Human Rights in the Americas
19 Aug 2020 | Podcast

Beyond the Wall: Reflections from a Former Border Patrol Agent


This month, Adam Isacson, WOLA’s Director for Defense Oversight, interviews Francisco Cantú, author of The Line Becomes a River, who spent four years in the Border Patrol. They discuss the often toxic culture of Customs and Border Protection (CBP) and the current impact the agency has on the United States’ approach to migration.

Cantú currently lives in Arizona, is a full-time writer and teacher of creative writing, and a volunteer with the Kino Border Initiative’s migrant accompaniment program, which provides support to asylum seekers detained in the ICE contracted/for-profit (CoreCivic) Eloy Detention Center.

Beyond the Wall is a segment of the Latin America Today podcast, and a part of the Washington Office on Latin America’s Beyond the Wall advocacy campaign. In the series, we will follow the thread of migration in the Americas beyond traditional barriers like language and borders. We will explore root causes of migration, the state of migrant rights in multiple countries and multiple borders and what we can do to protect human rights in one of the most pressing crises in our hemisphere.

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Music by Blue Dot Sessions and ericb399.