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10 Jun 2011 | Video

Consolidation in Meta, Colombia (2 of 2): “The idea is that when the program ends, we can support ourselves and walk on our own.”

Tito Garzón has lived in Vistahermosa, Meta, Colombia, for 44 years. He has served twice on the town council, and today is head of the town's Neighborhood Action Boards (Juntas de Acción Comunal) and of an agricultural producer association.

He is participating in productive projects sponsored by the La Macarena Integrated Consolidation Plan (PCIM). The PCIM, with U.S. and other donor government support, is a civil-military program that seeks to secure, and provide basic services in, a zone long dominated by illegal armed groups. It is managed by the Center for Coordination of Integrated Action (CCAI), an office in the Colombian Presidency.

Mr. Garzón is supportive of the PCIM but hopes that the commitment will be sustained, and that crop eradication not be the principal goal.