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8 Dec 2006 |

Friends of Latin America (FOLA)

Become a Friend of Latin America (FOLA)

A Circle of Commitment and Support for the Washington Office on Latin America

Several years ago, WOLA started Friends of Latin America (FOLA), a growing circle of individuals who share our vision for the hemisphere and understand the importance of our work.  FOLA members support WOLA with annual contributions of $500 or more. 

Friends of Latin America help ensure that WOLA has the reach and resources needed to fulfill its indispensable role in defending democracy and human rights in Latin America and the Caribbean.  FOLA members ensure that WOLA can move quickly when new needs arise and take advantage of unforeseen opportunities in the region.  FOLA support also allows WOLA to develop new programs and provides a critical level of organizational stability. 


When you join Friends of Latin America you receive:


  • Quarterly FOLA updates and special briefings prepared by WOLA’s senior staff on major issues in the region and in US policy.
  • Invitations to WOLA conferences, briefings, and private gatherings with WOLA leaders, government officials, and prominent visitors from Latin America.
  • Materials that we prepare for select audiences to shape policy and public debate (e.g., memos and recommendations produced for Members of Congress, executive branch officials, and other Washington policymakers; and background materials for leading media outlets to inform coverage by reporters and commentary by editorial writers).


As a Friend of Latin America, you will have access to some of the most informed and insightful thinking on Latin American affairs.  You will enjoy the opportunity to meet those leading the hemisphere’s struggle for democracy, dignity, and justice.  Most importantly, you will know that your support is helping shape this pivotal moment in the history of Latin America and US relations, through the unique work of the Washington Office on Latin America.

You can join FOLA online by making a contribution of $500 or more, or you can join by mailing your contribution to:  Lori Piccolo, Director of Development, Washington Office on Latin America, 1630 Connecticut Avenue, Washington, DC 20009 or [email protected].