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13 Sep 2011 |

NACLA on Current Affairs in Cuba

WOLA recommends that you take a look at the July/August issue of NACLA Report on the Americas.  This issue, entitled “Cuba: Salvaging a Revolution?” has insightful pieces about developments in Cuba today from Cubans on the island, Cubans living abroad, and U.S. specialists.

Cuba is a complex society; its dynamics are often difficult to understand. In trying to make sense of developments in Cuba, observers benefit from research reflecting a variety of points of view about the country. Most of the articles in this issue are written from a perspective that issue editor Eric Hershberg describes in the introduction as sympathetic to “the underlying objectives and achievements of the Cuban Revolution.” All of them are well-informed, thoughtful, and provocative pieces. If you are interested in understanding political developments and dynamics in Cuba today, you should read this issue.
The issue is available from NACLA ( www.nacla.org). While on their website, you might want to look at some of the other material they have available (full disclosure: WOLA Senior Associate Gimena Sanchez co-authored a piece on Colombia in this issue).


Geoff Thale

[email protected]