WOLA: Advocacy for Human Rights in the Americas
8 Nov 2016 | Commentary

Recommendations to USAID for Future Work in Colombia

In a meeting with USAID’s director Peter Natiello, WOLA provided recommendations regarding the agency’s work in Colombia. At this moment, WOLA believes that it is important to put emphasis on the following key areas:

1) Place victims and ethnic communities’ representatives at the forefront of any debates and projects.

2) Propel the Colombian government into taking action in cases of inequality, malnutrition and human rights abuses related to LGBTI communities, women and ethnic groups.

3) Strengthen victims’ access to justice. Projects should influence public policy in favor of victims’ rights.

4) Protect and strengthen victims and vulnerable groups/organizations (LGBT, defenders, union leaders, land claimants, journalists, indigenous and afro-descendant communities).

5) Projects oriented toward dismantling paramilitary groups and building up rural communities. Demilitarize civil society.

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