WOLA: Advocacy for Human Rights in the Americas
11 Apr 2013 | Commentary

Remarks of Rep. Jim McGovern at “Twenty Years after the Salvadoran Truth Commission”

At a forum organized by WOLA, CEJIL, DPLF, the University of Washington Center for Human Rights, and the Latin American Studies Program at George Mason University, Rep. Jim McGovern reflected on the importance of transitional justice in El Salvador and beyond.

In his remarks, Rep. McGovern emphasized the importance of bringing to justice those responsible for human rights violations, stating that “…all nations and all people need to face their past, need to face the truth, and need to find justice and reconciliation. It is not something that will disappear; it will always haunt us until we confront its ghosts. And it’s better to do it sooner, at the beginning, than later – allowing pain and impunity to corrupt and corrode any hope for lasting peace.”

Please click here to watch the remarks or here to read a written transcript.